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Spiritual Journeys


John of God

Experience miraculous healer, John of God, as seen through the eyes of medium Gail Thackray who sees, feels, and hears things that most "normal" people do not. Follow Gail on her personal journey to the spiritual healing center of John of God in Brazil. Experience miraculous healings, supernatural activity, and astonishing psychic events. Gail gives a unique view of the powerful healings that occur in this blessed place. As a medium and healer herself, Gail initially thinks she is going to "assist" in the work here. She is told by the spirits, "you can leave your ego at the door, you're here to be healed too!" She shares the personal details of her own healing which requires an intimate look at her relationships and life.


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Upon returning to Los Angeles, Gail unexpectedly finds that her clients are now experiencing the healing energies from Brazil, receiving spontaneous healings through her live events and writings. The spirits in Brazil have taken Gail to a whole new level. Spiritually empowering yet refreshingly funny, Gail takes us on her otherworldly journey while dealing with everyday issues we can relate to.


Gail's book grabbed me like a mystery novel waiting for the "who dunit". Every night I read as many pages as I could till I knew I might not get enough hours of sleep, and then again the next night. I started taking it with me like Linus's warm blanket. I hung on every page wondering where Gail, her friends, and John of God might take me. I wondered if the spirits on each page might affect or inspire me. Toward the end of the book I had tears rolling down my face. I didn't know if they were tears of knowing, spirits work, or maybe even an envy of Gail's experience and a desire for my spiritual journey in Brazil.
When I had completed the book I told my friends that they should absolutely get a copy. The hardest thing about reading this book is trying to find another that I could possibly enjoy as much... and I haven't found it yet.
Thank you for the experience Gail.
-- Lori

I actually felt the energy coming from the book. I had hip problems for about 10 years, especially stiff in the morning. After reading your book and it was by my bed I felt a warm loving feeling. I woke up almost pain free. Its amazing!


One or my favorite books! Gail Thackray's Spiritual Journeys, speaks very much to everyone's recognition, as somehow we all have memories of strange experiences, weird things that happen in some synchronicity. From bringing the pieces of this puzzle together we gradually come to know that great spirit of John of God, being a divine healer by allowing entities to work through him. Whoever is in tune with the changing consciousness of the world, will find many answers how entities are working on another plane. The personal experiences of Gail are so nicely described, recovered by answers to questions, doubt, disbelief that exist in each of us. Eventually we get the answer that confidence and faith in divine energies are just opportunities to allow instant miracles to happen. Healing occurs from the soul, our true self and ultimately many physical symptoms are cleared, or in some it can be a longer process of healing from within. These beautiful messages are written with a certain humor, lovely openness as a witness of a deep transformation process by Gail herself.
Even having done a lot of work on myself, the reading of this book has started deep process, as knowing spirits are working with me. In the following days, this process has strengthened. I have a great desire to go to Abadiania this year in November. The 'content' of the book will accompany me on my 'first' visit to John of God and make my experience very intense.



I absolutely loved her energy, her openness and her style of story-telling. I would often feel strong healing energy after reading a few pages, and would stop to close my eyes and relax into it. I really believe her stories and her words carry the potent healing energies of the spirits she writes about, allowing them access to you if you only ask. I feel the same energy from her photos and newsletter messages. She is a remarkable conduit!
I highly recommend this book if you are at all interested in John of God, energy healing and how spiritual surgery works. What a fascinating read.



I could not stop reading. Gail shared her personal journey and experiences while in Abadiania. It was a good introduction to John of God and the great healing work that is being done at the Casa. Gail shared her personal experiences while in front of John of God and having spiritual surgery. My knowledge of John of God was very limited but Gail provided great insight. I felt a great influx of this wonderful energy and so much love while reading the book. I can honestly say that the Gail is very connected to these wonderful beings and that their energy do come through her books and her works. I definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking the spiritual path.

-Amazon review


Ms.Thackray, I just wanted to say thank you for your book on the spiritual journey.I have felt lost for awhile,but through your book,I have felt a renewed sense of ..well I don't know what else to call it but ,life.I have felt negative energy around me and have been in a sorry state.But through reading your book,it allowed me to feel reconnected to life again.I just wanted to thank you for your insight and for your healing energy.It has made a difference.

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