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Intense Mediumship
Healing Retreat in Brazil

Learn to connect directly with Spirits

May 12th – 23rd  2020

With Gail Thackray and Robert Pellegrino

Join us for an amazing trip to the Casa in Brazil !

The Casa is the healing sanctuary of John of God. He will not be present, but the spirits are there, and the energy is amazing. Connect directly with the spirits, develop mediumship as well as receive healing and enlightenment.

“For those who trust and connect to the spirits there, the Entities will work directly with them and the healing miracles are as powerful as ever.”


This will be a coaching retreat where you will develop your mediumship abilities as well as receive healing. Wonderful for healers who want to become more deeply connected and for those just seeking their own healing and soul growth.


John of God always said he was just a man and the entities were the ones doing the healing. Many people received spontaneous healing during the “current” sessions, at the waterfall or just being in the sacred place.

I will lead a mediumship course and coach you to connect directly to the spirits themselves. This is great for those wishing to get a healing, become a deeper channel themselves or just for greater spiritual insight.


We will also take a trip to a Brazilian Mediumship center and watch advanced de-possession and learn about spiritism, mediumship and the teachings of Allan Kardec.  



Trip includes

  • Casa Meditation sessions twice a day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Often spiritual interventions are given during these times and we will coach you through interventions for your own healing and enlightenment.

  • You may bring photos of loved ones and pets for distance healing.

  • Workshops, coaching and meditations by Gail and Robert

  • A visit to a Spiritist Center to watch mediumship demonstrations

  • Several visits to the Sacred Casa waterfall

  • A day trip to the big waterfalls in Pirenopolis

  • Accommodations, all meals, transport to and from the airport and to any trips. You will just need to pay for your flight and spending money (amazing crystals).


All inclusive tour  $2450

($500 deposit to reserve your space and the balance by April 12)

Optional Private room upgrade $200



Although we will take a fun tour to the big waterfalls, this will be an intensive retreat with a lot of silent meditation and deep spiritual work. It is not a sight-seeing touristic trip, but it can be life changing.


Gail Thackray is a medium and healer herself with a tremendous connection to Spirit. She wrote the book Spiritual Journey’s Visiting John of God as well as many books on Reiki, healing and mediumship.

Robert Pellegrino was the first ever Casa coach, has spent over 40 years researching mediumship and is the author of “The Power to Heal” and “You’re not crazy- You’re a Medium.”


 Click here to sign up

For more info   or call 818 890 6111 or email

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