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May 21-2019 

85 Page Book - 5 stars on Amazon


Gemstone jewelry is beautiful but it can also be healing, clearing and psychically empowering. Gail reveals the most powerful gems and their uses as well as shows you how to specifically test your energy to see if they are right for you. Some crystals and gems can be so powerful they can be life changing just wearing them as a pendant, but how do you know which to choose? 

 Learn the most powerful crystal or stone to Dissolve health issues, Manifest Abundance, Protect yourself Psychically, Enhance your intuition, Improve communication, Heal relationship issues, Give you more energy, Draw your twin flame, Lose weight And more!!! Gail shows you how to feel the vibration of the gem and use them for clearing and opening chakras. You’ll learn which cuts are the best for your purpose and how to pair gems. Learn how to work with blessed crystals. Plus techniques to clear and charge your gems.

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