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 Caitlyn Jenner wears Gail Thackray’s John of God pendant


Gail Thackray



It was an honor to meet Caitlyn Jenner. I found her to be incredibly spiritual, intuitive and most of all brave. Definitely a soul on a spiritual Fast Track!


I gave Caitlyn my John of God Angel Aura pendant. I explained that this carries the energy of John of God which helps to keep your aura bright and clear for protection and to help you reach your highest potential. As soon as Caitlyn tried it on she looked completely taken aback and was quite surprised. She told everyone that it was quite amazing that she really could feel it. I told her it would be good luck to wear it on her show, not that she needs it. She thought that was a wonderful idea and decided to wear it on her brand new series “I Am Cait.”  You can see her wearing it here, on the episode where she visits a transgender youth camp.

















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These beautiful pieces were designed by my dear friend Digby and he takes the points from the John of God crystals and places them with other high energy precious gems. This particular one is one of my favorites. It combines the high energy of Angel Aura which brings in the Angel frequencies and clears and protects your aura. The John of God crystal then multiplies the energy making it many times more powerful and bringing in the healing and manifesting powers of the spirits of the casa.

People that are particularly sensitive to energy feel this right away. Some pieces are so powerful they can even be a little too strong and they take a while to get used to. Caitlyn is clearly quite energy sensitive and she felt it immediately.


I have worn many of these pieces myself at the Casa, in front of John of God and under the sacred waterfall.


Digby designed several John of God pieces, each accompanying stone having its own vibration. You can choose the gem stone that has the best vibration for what you want.


For the throat- To be able to speak out, for public speaking, launching a new project or being able to have better communication with your partner or family – choose a blue stone such as the Tanzine Aura or Aqua marine or the Bahia Blue (but this is very rare and there are only 2 left in existence).  I gave Candice, who is also on the show “I Am Cait” a Tanzine Aura John of God pendant.


For the Third eye – to enhance your intuition and get more direction in your life, choose a darker blue stone or a purple stone. Dr. Eben Alexander, author of best seller “Proof of Heaven” wears the Siberian Blue John of God piece and he calls it “the Rocket Ship to Enlightenment.”


Healing – The green stone such as the Tibetan Green John of God is one of the most powerful healing stones available.


For the Heart – a pink stone such as a rose quart or the light purple Lavender stone is wonderful.


Manifesting – Citrine is a great manifestor. I particularly like the Vogal cut triangle ones to enhance this energy


Protection -  All the John of God stones are wonderful for protection. If this is your main concern I would pick a plain John of God quartz or a quartz with inclusions (inclusions draw away negative energies)



To see pendants click here



Try meditating on what you need before you choose a piece and you will be drawn to the right energy for you.  If you are not sure what you want, feel free to email me  Ill give you a free reading on what I like for you give me your name, birthdate, what energy you want and if you are drawn to anything.



                                       Photo of Tanzine  aura pices  



















I believe these pieces are tools to help people. If you are going to wear something pretty you might as well make it something that is also working on your aura at the same time.


I feel drawn to different pieces, depending on what my energy needs at the time. Sometimes I wear more than one. You will see that I have a pendant showing but you may not know that I have another one or two I wear at the back of my neck! It’s a new fashion!


There are many celebrities who now own these John of God pieces. It is so wonderful that they are able to connect with this John of God energy.   


We’ve all been watching Caitlyn Jenner as she transformed from Bruce Jenner the Olympic Gold Medalist who was featured on the Kardashian series to the new Caitlyn, the person she had really always wanted to be. No matter what your beliefs one has to admire Caitlyn as one that really has been born to be an example to the world. She is helping lead the way for so many others who have been unable to talk about their true feelings. When I met her, I received an immediate and strong psychic hit of who she was in a past-life and her purpose here. She is going to be one to watch in the future as there is much more wonderful things to come and I wish her many blessings…


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