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Gail is a Reiki Master/ Master Teacher taught in both the traditional Japanese Usui and the Tibetan systems of this wonderful hands on healing technique. Gail is only 7 generations from the Grand Master as her teachers studied with direct descendents in Japan. Her emphasis is on connection with spirit and enhanced psychic communication. Gail teaches all levels of the Usui System and Advanced Integration of Reiki energy. Each level involves an “attunement” to spirit energy and Gail likes to give each student an individual attunement.Check the ‘Workshops & Events’ schedule. Or email to learn more.There have been many Reiki books written. Gail wrote her own Reiki manuals as she wanted them to be the most encompassing. Each of her Reiki workshops comes with a manual. They are also available directly through Gail. Check out her Reiki Manuals.I really believe that Reiki for me was the opening that gave me the spiritual connection allowing me to become a medium. My psychic abilities really kicked in after I was attuned to Level 1 Reiki. I believe this is true for many of my students and I see a definite increase in psychic development as they learn this hands on healing technique.I am blessed to have a beautiful ranch and I like to incorporate the natural beauty and healing of Indian Springs Ranch for a truly wonderful way to receive your Reiki training.Start your career as a Reiki Healer or just learn to be able to heal yourselves and friends.



Reiki is an ancient form of healing thought to date back to our earliest civilizations. It was rediscovered and put into a formal system by Mikao Usui (Dr. Usui) in Japan in 1922. During a three week meditation in the mountains, Dr. Usui was attuned by spirit and shown this ancient healing system and the sacred symbols to enhance it’s energy.


A Reiki healer today can be taught the hand positions and symbols but they must be indoctrinated to receive these energies from a Reiki master. This tradition is only passed on through a Reiki master and each student can tie back their healing heritage through their Reiki master. I was taught by my Auntie in Englandwho is a Reiki master and who’s healing heritage passes back to her Reiki Master in Japan and to the master Usui.


In a Reiki session, the healer, places their hands lightly on or just above the clients body, starting at the head and working down through each of the seven chakras. The healer allows the energy to come through their body using their hands as a transmitter. The actual healing energy comes from the healer’s Reiki guides in spirit. These healing spirits are very advanced loving spirits of the highest energy. Sometimes the healer may receive ‘messages’ from their spirit guides or spirits of the loved ones that wish to come through. I often get messages from a clients loved ones or a message from my guides as to why the client is experiencing psychic blockages.


I believe that most people can transfer healing energies whether or not they have been taught Reiki. But for me there was a remarkable difference in the power of energy that I was able to transmit after becoming an indoctrinated Reiki practitioner.


This works with animals in the same way. Animals have the same main seven chakras that we have. When I work on an animal client, I invoke healing spirits that want to heal animals and my animal spirit guides.


Reiki can be done from a distance where the client or pet is not present. A Reiki level II practitioner can do this by first asking for a distance connection and then sending Reiki symbols and healing from a distance. It actually works just as well.


A person doesn’t have to believe in Reiki. It is not faith healing and it works whether the person believes in it or not.


Reiki can also be sent not just for a person but for a situation or to protect a person through a certain event; such as to send Reiki to a client who is going to be sitting an exam next week.


Reiki is only able to ‘heal’ a person or animal who’s soul’s path is to get better. If the soul has decided that this is their time to pass to the next life, Reiki will not prevent the soul from leaving. However if this is their path, Reiki will help improve the rest of their time on earth and help the transition into the other world.


So as you can see, Reiki has some wonderful purposes, not only for healing physically, but also mentally and emotionally and to help with life’s ups and downs. As a person uses the Reiki energy to improve the lives of others, this energy also flows through the person giving Reiki. The practitioner not only receives this beautiful healing energy but it also opens up their psychic senses.


Certified Reiki Courses


At Reiki Level 1 you receive an attunement and learn how to use the Reiki energy for hands on sessions, both to heal yourselves and others. It opens up the channels in the body for Reiki to flow. It’s a connection to Divine Source at a higher level than that attained through ordinary meditation. Once the connection is made, it is available to that person for life, if they choose to use the energy. First degree Reiki is the empowerment necessary for the person to start their own healing and to channel Reiki healing for others.


  • Learn the history of Reiki

  • Meet your spirit guide

  • Learn how to use hands on healing on yourself and friends

  • Receive sacred attunements to become a Reiki Channel

  • Learn how to use a pendulum

  • Multiply your psychic abilityLearn chakras and energy balancing

  • Receive your Level 1 Reiki Certificate


At Reiki Level II, you receive additional attunements that allow you to perform Reiki at a distance and also into the past and future. At Level II you are learning to use your intuition more and beginning to be guided by your Reiki guides in spirit. Here you will feel direction from spirit and the connection to Divine Source. Level II is a leap in the self-realization process, bringing increased sensitivity and intuitive awareness. The decision to take Second Degree is a point of consenting to the ongoing process of personal evolution. The second degree attunement reinforces the connection made at first degree, and three of the four sacred Usui symbols are taught. You must have completed Level 1 (with Gail or any Reiki Master) to take this course.


  • Learn sacred Reiki Symbols both Usui and Tibetan

  • Meet your Reiki guides

  • Learn how to use hands on healing professionally

  • Receive two attunements to become a higher Reiki Channel

  • Multiply your psychic ability

  • Learn chakras and energy balancing

  • Learn distant healing and time stored

  • Learn how to bless objects and events

  • Receive your Level II Reiki Certificate (professional practitioner)

At Advanced Reiki Training (ART) or Level III you receive the most advanced Reiki training and tools. At this level you receive the Usui Master Symbol and an attunement to this energy. You will also be given additional tools in Reiki and beyond that you can use while following your Reiki guides in giving your Reiki sessions. You will be listening to and directed by your Reiki guides and masters. At this stage, further change is inevitable and the individual will be well aware of this fact from the changes that have occurred already. You must have completed Level II (with Gail or any Reiki Master) to take this course.


  • Receive the Usui Master attunement

  • Become a higher Reiki Channel

  • Learn the Master symbolsReceive other sacred symbols

  • Learn to sense your Reiki Guides

  • Messages from loved ones

  • Point To Point Power Up

  • Higher meditations

  • Crystal Reiki Grid

  • Learn to perform Psychic SurgeryLearn to cut negative psychic chords

  • Find and resolve past life issues

  • Specific Reiki techniques to enhance psychic eye

  • Receive your ART Reiki Certificate


At The Master Level, you receive the Tibetan Master symbol and the breath training that will give you the ability to pass attunements on to others and so you can use this ability to teach Reiki to others. You will also be able to give self attunements, psychic attunements and healing attunements. It is important to be clear that initiation into the Master degree in Reiki does not turn anyone into an Enlightened Spiritual Master, rather to a Master of their own self and a commitment to undertake and evolve to this state. You must have completed Level ART (with Gail or any Reiki Master) to take this course.


  • Receive the Tibetan Master attunement

  • Raise and intensify your Reiki channel

  • Learn Hui Yin Point

  • Learn Tibetan Violet Breath

  • Pass Usui Attunements, all levels full and condensed

  • Pass Tibetan Attunements, all levels

  • Pass Self Attunements

  • Receive and pass Healing Attunements

  • Receive and pass Clairvoyance Attunements

  • Pass Distant Attunements

  • Pass Attunements To Animals

  • Receive Clairvoyant messages

  • Learn how to teach others Reiki

  • Practical applications

  • Q & A with the Masters

  • Receive your Master/ Master Teacher Reiki Certificate and the right to teach and attune others.


Reiki Integration, from time to time Gail puts on special workshops that integrate Reiki energy or concentrate on a specific area of Reiki. Such as “Beyond Reiki, Advanced Uses” and “Reiki for Animals.”


Reiki Exchange Workshops, from time to time Gail puts on exchange healing workshops. This is an opportunity for Reiki students and Masters to exchange sessions with others.


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