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Best small dog breeds that can be a perfect Emotional Support Animal - 2022 Guide

Your pet could be declared as an emotional support animal, that is one animal that ensures the provision of comfort by helping to alleviate the symptoms or effects of your disability or mental illness. According to US Department of Housing guidelines, you must acquire an ESA letter for housing from a “Certified Medical Professional”. ESA letters are usually provided by mental health professionals, such as therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors. HUD regulations have also allowed doctors, nurses, paramedics, and nurses to issue these letters for the ESA.

Emotional support animals are not pets under U.S. law and are mainly not limited to species. They can also significantly reduce signs of physical stress. If you are experiencing emotional or mental retardation, your pet can provide significant emotional support after proper evaluation from a therapist.

After you are being examined by your therapist and recommended that an emotional support animal is necessary for your improvement, then your animal can be recognized as a source of emotional support and you can easily apply for the letter with that prescription. This ESA letter is a magical key that saves you from leaving your animal away when you need it most.

If your pet is a dog and you prefer to have their company so that they can accompany you wherever you go, you must ensure that your pet is an emotional support animal letter through a doctor's assessment and advice. If you are a mental health patient, the first thing you require is a “prescription” from your mental health expert. Basically, this letter states that your animal is part of treatment and assists you to heal.

Any breed and size could be perfect for treatment; however, small dogs are mainly preferred. This size preference is due to the fact that small dogs are easier to lift and hold as compared to larger dogs. They are cheaper to take care of, chiefly in terms of feed as well as various veterinary expenditures. Small dogs also eat less and are far easier to manage in case of discomfort and spoilage.

Let us talk about a few small therapy dogs for you to consider as your emotional support dog letter. First are the pugs. Pugs are awesome emotional support dogs, possessing many human qualities including expressing their pleasure, surprise, and excellent communication with children as well as adults because of their affectionate and loving nature.

Pugs are usually playful antics. Their twinkling eyes could relax you in case you experience a bad day. They are energetic dogs that love to grab the attention of their owners. When you need some free and happy time, they mainly direct and disseminate their energy via running all around you.

Another dog named dachshunds are excellent therapy dogs because of their gentleness, cordiality, and calmness of nature. They are kid-friendly and have enough stamina for fun activities like looking for gifts. If you are depressed, the dachshund can be a perfect companion and assist you to relax.

You should remember that you must train your dog to be compliant and under control to avoid trouble every time you take them out for a walk. Dachshunds shed less as well as need less bathing as compared to other dogs. You can clean them weekly to prevent bacteria, mites, or fungi from growing.

Another impressive small dog named Bichon Frize comes from the Mediterranean as a travel companion dog. One of its best characteristics is its softness, hypoallergenic coat, and cotton ball shaped fur that makes it cute. These dogs are intellectual and calm animals, but they are very wary of strangers. Bichon Frize has a high level of energy; it requires exercise, outdoor walks, and training. Their loving and pleasant nature makes them excellent ESA dogs.

Yorkshire Terry is one of the cutest and lovable therapy dogs breeds. Their small size makes them ideal for travelers looking for emotional support and companionship. Yorkshire Terriers are frisky and usually are dominated by the desire to chase or lash out at others. They are smart, trainable, as well as cordial with children and grown-ups. In case you are living in a small space apartment, you should walk with them every day and make them happy by giving plenty of time to play.

Beagles have been known to be originally hunting dogs who had excellent tracking instincts, but they also are gentle and friendly, making them an excellent companion for individuals having mental health problems. These dogs do not need a lot of exercise as they possess medium energy levels. You can surely consider beagles in case you are thinking about the addition of a canine-friendly dog to your family for enjoying perfect companionship and pleasure.

Pomeranian, small-sized fluffy balls, are ideal house dogs, making them an ideal choice to be an ESA for you. Pomeranians are not most fond of being with their masters all the time, making them ideal pets that provide the same care and affection as any other esa letter online. If you need your perfect ESA, the Pomeranian could be the best choice.

Poodles are known as an extremely intelligent breed and are closely related to their owners. Their high intelligence levels imply that they are easier to train, which is a valuable asset if you need ESA. Having a well-trained pet means it is far less likely to have problems in case you fly with your ESA. Having a well-trained ESA dog can make the experience much less taxing as compared to some naughty or stubborn breed.

Hope you can choose one of these small therapy dog breeds for your ESA!

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