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Arguments in favor of the Internet at school - and this is not about minecraft at recess

Adults are already accustomed to scolding the Internet, gadgets and social networks: they say that schoolchildren are becoming stupid from them. But it was much more difficult to teach and learn without them. We recall how digitalization has changed school life for the better. Step one - thanks to the national project "Education" in 2021, all schools in the country were connected to broadband Internet.


Open access to information The main advantage of the Internet is the ability to find information at any time. If you need to find some information for writing a paper or help with writing, you can find many resources. One of these is the online editing services Editius which is very effective in helping you write your writing. Thus, with the help of the Internet, you can find help for writing written papers and this is very convenient. You probably don’t remember anymore, but earlier, in order to read the biography of a historical figure, you had to go to the library. And to watch the screen version of the book according to the program - in the cinema. Now both and a lot of things can still be done at home on the couch. Well, or at the same break (yes, children stick to gadgets not only for the sake of games and correspondence in instant messengers).

Free access to information develops curiosity, and also teaches you to ask the right questions, find information and comprehend it. This is very important when you need to write a written work. Especially when there is access to edit my college essay which allows you to analyze and write a quality written work.And thus it increases self-esteem: a second grader will be proud and pleased with himself when he finds it on the Internet and is able to put into practice the necessary rules or data for homework. And not when his grandmother brings him the right book. interactivity The Internet allows teachers to move away from manuals and classic lessons. Now you can experiment in the classroom - and the children love it very much! Especially when it comes to writing. You can experiment and use the paper editor from to help students successfully analyze the collected information for writing. Students can make presentations, educational videos and even games. And the variety in the life of schoolchildren is brought by electronic boards and projectors. All kinds of media materials help to consolidate the topics covered or to master new ones. And they delight even modern primary school students who are accustomed to technology.

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