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Sacred Pine Fan

The energy of Baguio is very special. Most of the Psychic Surgeons come from this region and are decedents of the Ingorot tribes. Is it the energy of the hills? Or passed through the Ingorot traditions? One is not really sure. I collected a lot of the pine cones and the pine needles from the forest of Baguio for healing. Then we went to the Ingorot tribal village and I found these little fans made of the sacred pine needles. The ingorots make wood carvings and local crafts which they sell in the village. I thought these fans were great for smudging. You can use them as an alternative to a feather. Take a stick of sage or a bowl of sage. Light and use the smoke to smudge. Use the fan to direct the smoke, also to smudge or run the protection over your clients heart chakra. Start above their head at the crown and using the fan smudge the smoke over the crown, running the fan down each arm. Have your clients hold their arms out. Come to the front of your client and using the fan direct the smoke into your clients heart chakra. Then go to your clients back and direct the smoke into the back of your clients heart chakra. It is also great to run the smoke over your clients palms and souls of their feet. Ask a friend to do the same for you.

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