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Helping Our Own Healing

Whether you are going to see a spiritual healer like John of God, or whether you are receiving a distance healing or just asking for spiritual help on your own, it is important that we do our part.

Why do you have this or that ailment? This problem in your family right now? This financial block? Everything we have in our life we have brought to ourselves. I know this sounds harsh or maybe unbelievable, but really everything good or bad in our lives as come to us for a reason. Difficulties are obstacle to make us stronger, to test us, to make us work harder at life. It is how we react to this, how we deal with it that is the real test.

When you ask for a spiritual healing, you are asking the spirit world to help you change the energy around you. This is the first most important step. You are giving permission to receive help and you will. But don’t just expect to hand your problems over to someone and say “fix me” and you’re done. It may work or help for a while, but wouldn’t you like to change this permanently.

Why do you have this issue in the first place? This may be difficult to even figure out. It could be negative feelings from years ago that you cannot find the connection to. It could even be something from a past life. Most often it is a combination of both.

John of God says that the spirits do half of the work, we must do the other half. What I believe that means is we need to dig deep, try to understand the lesson, the origin of the cause and to release it. It means being open. Very, very, open, as what you may discover may completely surprise you.

The key to this is a lot of meditation. Ask to understand and the spirit world will show you through your drifting thoughts. Through meditation and through dreams. Further things may be presented in your life to give you clarity.

I like to ask the spirit world for help with a particular issue (health or emotional) and ask that you be given insight. I do this right before sleep or meditation. Where does your mind wander to? You might ask about a knee issue and find your thoughts go to an argument at school years ago. It may not seem related at all, but just go with it. Explore any negative feelings and see if those have been repeated in your life. Did you feel a certain way when your father was deeming towards you, and later when a relationship made you feel the same way. Perhaps a similar feeling came up at work.

Where ever your mind wanders to, allow yourself to delve into those negative feelings and then understand it. Ask the spirit world for help to now release these feelings in every situation in this life and in all your past lives. Do this until you think about it and it doesn’t bother you. It just becomes an experience of the past that you have no emotional attachment to. Then you have dissolved this energy block and you are ready to move onto other areas of your life.

If you are asking about your thyroid issue you will be likely directed to an emotion or situation that has caused that. Sometimes you won’t understand, that’s ok.

You can also approach it from the other direction. That is looking at the moments in your life and healing those trigger points. That is addressing feelings that you know you have tried to burry. You may be surprised that some health issue or situation you have in your life now suddenly becomes improved.

So to recap:

  • Focus on an issue you want healing for

  • Ask for spiritual help

  • Ask to understand and be given insight

  • Spend some time in meditation or relaxation allowing thoughts to wander

  • As negative thoughts come up, work through them, don’t push them away

  • Explore if you have experienced this “feeling” more than once

  • Ask for insight as to why this may be connected

  • Ask for the spirits to help release and dissolve this negative energy from all lifetimes

  • Visualize that you are now healthy or the situation is resolved and give gratitude

To get a distance healing from John of God click here

And remember to do your half of the work

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