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Are You A Medium

I used to believe you had to be born “psychic.” That you were always a little off kilter. My story is I was completely normal until I was forty when I suddenly woke up and became a medium. Some people go through a mid-life crisis, I started talking to dead people. So if you have a desire to contact the other side, become a medium or just want to deepen your intuition, there is still hope!

Actually we are all mediums. Meaning we are all in contact with the other-side. It’s just that most of the time we don’t notice. Many of us feel our relatives around when we think of them. We often will have a little moment in the garden or some place that makes us think of them and we feel like they are there. Then we brush it off as wishful thinking, our imagination – but it’s not, they really are there. It’s not like our relatives are there all the time spying on us, watching us when we wouldn’t want them to, but they are around us and especially when we think of them they come near us.

How many of you have had that moment when you know the phone is going to ring right before it does? Or you are thinking about someone and they show up? How about you were wondering something in your mind and someone else pipes up the answer from nowhere? These are all examples of your intuition or connection to spirit.

Now some people are more sensitive to energies in general. They “know” when something is going to happen or they get a “bad” feeling about someone. Always in my workshops students are very envious of those who are instantly seeing and feeling spirits. This may sound great but if you are energy sensitive it has its downfalls too. These are the people who have a hard time being in large crowds and can’t even go to the mall. I’m not so energy sensitive so I have no problem going to the mall! I am actually more clairaudient, meaning I get messages. If you are like me you are going to feel like you are making it up because messages come through your own thoughts.

There are different forms of mediumship. Being a medium means having a connection between this world and the other-world. This could mean someone who is a psychic and reads tarot cards or does ‘intuitive readings.” A medium is someone who is able to feel, see or sense things in the spirit world. There are some mediums who actually go into a trance and “channel” information through them, either speaking, writing or even doing art. There are mediums who have a type of higher connection with spirit who are able to bring messages from the other side. Some mediums bring messages but some can also assist in healing, bringing healing energy from the other-side. Then there are ones called trans-mediums who completely incorporate a spirit into their body. A very famous one is the healer John of God in Brazil who fully incorporates a spirit into his body and performs healing. To me this would be quite disconcerting, I don’t think I would like a spirit taking over my body. The trans-mediums often say they cannot remember or even they just go to sleep while this is going on. Edgar Cayce named “The Sleeping Profit” was a fantastic medium in the 1930’s who use to go “to sleep” while he gave readings laying on his couch. When I bring messages through from spirit my memory is patchy and I don’t recall what I have said but I am still present. So it is a sort of semi-trans state or heightened state. Then there are others who will describe a medium as anyone who can run energy, such as those helping in a “current’ meditation. What the word Medium means to me is someone that can feel sense or receive messages from the other-side, such as someone who brings messages from loved ones. The word Psychic to me describes someone who has a heightened sense of intuition. So all mediums are psychic not all psychics are mediums.

So is this a skill one can learn? I actually believe we all have this connection and can learn to deepen this experience. It is not really about learning it, rather about removing the blocks that are preventing this ability. Living life and functioning makes us grounded and more in the physical world and it takes a little to get into a state where we are more receptive to our natural abilities. I wish I had a secret formula where I could say do this then do that. For some it comes instantly. Like it has been right there waiting for us and you suddenly wake up. For others it comes with practice as we allow ourselves little by little to open up.

But we will learn how to open in a way where we are connected but protected. You can’t be wide open all the time or you just couldn’t function. You’d be that weirdo who couldn’t go to the mall and would wander around bombarded by messages. You need to learn to turn it on and off. In fact it can only get really strong when you limit the time and make that specific distinction. It is really helpful to develop and “on” and “off” button.

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