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Ghost Crop Circles

I discovered an amazing phenomenon within the crop circle mystery, as if crop circles alone were not interesting enough! This revelation came from a very level headed pilot that I met, Toney. Tony told me, one day during a winter flight where the English fields were blanketed in a good covering of snow, he saw a crop circle right there in the snow. It was very clear, a precisely marked crop circle and with no snow tracks leading in or out. And absolutely no vehicles in view.

Apparently this had been the site of a crop circle the previous year. So was this a new fresh crop circle? Or was this the energy of the land that was vibrationally different and in fact melted the snow to create the crop circle in the snow? Either explanation is equally unexplainable.

These ghost circles or shadow circles intrigued me more than anything. Tony showed us several examples by air. Often where a crop circle had been, the following year there was a shadow of the same formation. A blurred image of what had been. Clearly the ground there was permanently altered by the crop circle energy. Was this simply that the crop was trodden down and not harvested the same, leaving a residual the following year? It seemed unlikely and much more likely that the energy of the ground had changed. This corresponded with all the scientific research that the dirt within the crop circles has a higher energy or a different frequency. In fact in some examples it couldn’t be the way some crop was harvested, as some fields were completely turned and a different crop entirely had been planted. Other research showed white powder in some circles which scientists believed to be meteoroid dust or dust from outer space. I liked this idea and collected a few stones for good luck.

The stones and other objects collected in the circles do seem to have a special connection to other outer worldly energies.

Do you want me to bring you back a stone from the circles? Just sign up for a regular distance healing while I’m in England. As an added bonus I’ll bring you back some of the crop and the stones from the middle of the crop circle. I will need a photo and some details:

CLICK HERE for a distance healing-blessing in a crop circle and to get a stone.

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