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Crop Circles and Orbs

Crop Circles and Orbs– Are They Connected?

As my trip to the crop circles in England approached I woke up one morning from a dream. But not a usual dream, something more vivid and closer to reality. Like a sort of altered realty that one knows has an air of psychic connection. This strange dream featured balls of energy coming out of the ground. They were not unlike spirit orbs you see appearing in your photos.

That is, the white spheres of light that some think are specs of dust, but others believe are actual spirits appearing in your pictures. But in my dream I could see these orbs with my eyes and they were massive in comparison. It reminded me of my visit to James Gilliland’s ranch in Washington where I experienced orbs for the first time. After getting somewhat comfortable with the round balls of light in our photos, James brought out the night-vision goggles. To my surprise these orbs where now in 3D and moving. They were transparent spheres raising up from the ground and coming towards me. They were actually moving, in fact some were coming at high speeds right towards me. I ducked several times, to avoid these orbs hitting me, even though logic told me there was nothing to duck from. These orbs of light must be around us constantly, often coming towards, perhaps through our energy field. Yet without looking into this other dimension we are never aware. They simply exist like many other things we never notice.

Now today in my dream-like state, I am envisioning something similar, but on a much larger scale. I find myself standing in a crop circle looking at huge balls of energy which appear orb like. They seem to be raising up directly out of the ground. Translucent, yet patterned, formed with light perhaps. This time they were leaving an energy print on the field of crop where they passed through.

I was slowly waking, becoming more conscious, wondering; “What did this vivid dream mean?” Was I already receiving downloads to decode the meaning of the crop circles and prepare me for my trip? Was this how they were being formed?

It seemed somewhat contradictory to the many stories I had heard. Often eye witnesses reported small balls of light hovering over the field followed by a mysterious crop circle forming instantly below. This gave me the preconceived idea that crop circles were formed by energies above the fields, coming down upon the crops. In fact there were so many stories of these light balls connected with circles it sounded conceivable that these mysterious objects were the likely instruments making these patterns. But from above. No one ever talked about energies coming from below.

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