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Circles of Stone

Circles of Stone – How to use the Energy of Stone Circles and Lei lines

On my British Spiritual Journey’s filming tour my director and sacred site expert, John Mason suggested we meet with his druid friend that could guide us through sacred stone sites. “Not the kind that dresses up and gives talks to tourists. A real deal one!” Druid sounded quite scary to me, like witch-crafty stuff. John reassured me, real druids are like shamans, people who are in tune with the land and the ancient ways.

We arranged to meet this local shaman. Of course at the pub. Officially titled “The Arch Druid of Avebury: Keeper of The Stones.” Less formally known as Terry the Druid. He had agreed to give a private tour with the lure of a pint and some cheesy chips (French fries with cheese melted over, which seemed to be an irresistible local delicacy).

We entered Terry’s realm – that of the stone circles. Of course when one thinks of stone circles the megalith that comes to mind is Stonehenge. I remember going there as a child. Things have certainly changed since then. As a young girl, I walked up to the stones and hugged them. I pressed my face against the cold slabs and not knowing quite what I was doing, tuned into their vibration. Looked up to their majestic towering presence in awe. Walked in and around and imagined myself long ago, dancing through, as part of some grand ceremony. Unfortunately, now the closest you can get is about 100 feet away. You can walk in a circle around the great monument at a sterile distance. No longer accessible, but roped off to the public it doesn’t have the same impact. Even if you were to get permission to go inside which I probably could obtain for my group, it’s not quite the same with hundreds of tourists circulating the perimeter. So we passed Stonehenge and saw it from the road. That was enough.

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations More....

Besides there are other thankfully lesser known, but equally impressive stone creations. Some even more spectacular than the formation at Stonehenge. Back to Terry’s realm; Avebury Stone Circle. Much more ancient than Stonehenge, than most of the stones. “Except perhaps Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.” John pipes up!

Avebury stone circle is massive, actually it circles an entire village. And guess what is in the center of the stone circle? – Yes a pub! The Red Lion Inn boasts to be the only pub in the middle of a stone circle. And it makes a great meeting point for druids, goddesses and gathering villagers preparing for stone ceremonies.

The circle at Avebury has many more stones than the usual pagan formation, you could fit Stonehenge in here 17 times apparently. And that doesn’t include, “Stone Row” an impressive line of standing stones, stretching several miles in a line. A sort of standing stone path leading to the sacred circle.

We’d come just in time to be invited to the Arch Druid of Avebury (Terry) giving a ceremony to celebrate the Harvest time. Much more formally dressed in full robe with a huge gold curved harvest sword attached to his belt (it was real and sharp, I checked). I must admit I was half expecting some wicker witchcraft looking sacrifice stuff. I was a special guest, so I was just hoping the sacrifice wasn’t me.

I was surprised that the ceremony started with an opening of the four directions. Very similar to the one I had done in the crop circle. Akin to both Native American and Peruvian ceremonies. Yes, it had different words and emphasized the harvest time, the wind, fire and elements of nature but it was essentially the same. This was followed by some wise words from Terry and what seemed like a village meeting; a celebration, sharing of harvest tales, singing, dancing and other festivities. This all took place in the center of these beautiful stones. With the group in traditional dress and poems and song delivered in authentic “bard” style, it was easy to reminisce and find myself transformed back in time. Perhaps I had had a former life here. If I had, it felt jovial. I certainly felt at peace amongst these great stones.

Afterwards we got a private tour with the expert himself. Terry took us for a walking tour through these great stone formations. Though to walk around the stone circle is a nice little trek. Stopping at each stone this was a half days walk to be sure. Remember it encompasses the whole village.

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations


Terry had been studying these stones almost his entire life. I could see psychically he had lived many previous lives doing the same thing. There is no manual that comes with these stones, not even a map of meaning passed through the generations. In fact Druidry is just an interpretation from folk law, there are no written Druid teachings. Mostly any information comes from the verse and song of the travelling Bards who’s words have carried in rhyme through generations. Terry had formulated his own opinions of the stones having felt and worked with them and seeing how others react to them, year after year. I could sense somewhat each one’s personality as I felt each stone and tuned into its certain vibration. I imagined it would take many years to really get to know them as Terry does.

Just feeling them you could tell, each one has its own unique energy, its own use, its own area of healing. After all these were healing stones. Of course overall the formation has a great purpose too. Almost certainly archeologists agree, it was a lunar map, a map of the cycles of the moon. Terry had been present at the stones for all major moon cycles in the last 30 years. Of course this was the accepted opinion of most researchers. So the entire stone circle is a clock. A clock that one could follow for the best harvesting times. For cycles of fertility and birthing and all things important in ancient farming times.

Terry instructed us to walk clockwise, around the stone formation and also around each individual stone. After all, to walk the other way would be just plain wrong. I wondered if I should warn the tourist I saw going the “wrong” way. This makes sense in energy work, clockwise increases energy and anti-clockwise diminishes energy.

Around the entire perimeter is a deep dry ditch. Probably at its deepest 20 ft with steep banks on either side. It had actually been excavated at one time and researchers believe it had been five times deeper originally. Terry speculated it was once filled with water, like a mote around the stones. Perhaps for protection, but Terry also pointed out the impressive shadows the moon makes from shining on the stones. Then imagine the moonlight casting giant shadows over the water, and reflecting like a giant clock face. Now we could really imagine how spectacular this could have been.

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations


It was hard to take in the majesty of this formation from the ground. We had seen the entire formation from the air where you could really get a prospective. An entire village encircled by a sprawling layout of these huge sacred stones. Was it a massive harvest clock? Was it a sacrifice center for primitive man? Was it even made for extraterrestrials seeing it from their vantage point: from the air.

Apparently most of the rumors of Pagan savages and scary druids doing sacrificial ceremonies were probably not true. In fact they stemmed from the Roman invasion. Stories that the Roman soldiers were told to make them dislike and even fear the “savage and primitive” country dwellers.

So we know the stones were places of worship, of ceremony. But were they even more than that? One would have to sit a while and allow images of long ago times to pass over you.

And why here? Why are there so many impressive spiritual sites in this part of England? Perhaps because of the energy lines or “Ley Lines.” It has been proven that there are magnetic fields of energy running in straight lines across Great Britain and many of them are concentrated or crossing in these sacred areas. There is a particular concentration right here in this part of Wiltshire. Ancient man called them “Spirit Lines.” They didn’t have technology to test the magnetism (at least we don’t think so) but they just felt it. They just knew the energy lines were there. We could feel these lines too. You just have to get quiet and allow the energy of the land to connect with you and feel and sense the change as you pass through. I found it helps to walk barefoot to feel connected to Mother Earth. But most importantly you need to get quiet, you need to be still, have patience and give it time. We can all sense it, but it is subtle. One can use a pendulum or dowsing rods but you can just as easily “feel” it yourself.

In this part of the country you can connect the sacred sites on a map and almost draw out the straight energy lines connecting them. I believe this isn’t a coincidence rather simply ancient man feeling the Earth and placing their sites where they could feel high energy. You can draw straight lines between many of the sacred sites in Britain. You can also extend out these straight lines to other parts of the world and you will find that they connect exactly to other sacred sites thousands of miles away. For instance if you extend a straight line that goes through Stonehenge and Avebury it connects to the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Many original pilgrim churches also follow the ley lines. Is that because they also felt the energy lines? Probably not. It is more likely that the pilgrims wanting to convert the existing people to Christianity, demolished their old places of worship and replaced the same sites with a church. Or at least put their churches right next to wherever people were already going for their spiritual services.

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations


Terry mentioned that the ley lines actually go around the stone circle at Avebury. This is a very unusual phenomenon he explained. Everywhere else the ley lines run right through. But here at Avebury two main ley lines come in to the formation, but make a circular detour around the stones before continuing their path on the other side.

Terry explained that ley lines are now easily measurable through magnetic equipment that detects their energy running through sand stone where water also travels. You might guess through, he doesn’t need any equipment. His sixth sense is well tuned into these rock beings.

Now to walk the stones. Terry starts us on our guided stone walk. We are instructed that we need to enter at the West. The quadrant that is the area of children, play and new growth. This is about the size of a small field with stones arranged all around. All the stones in this area Terry expressed represented different aspects of childhood and beginnings. They were smaller and child-like compared to the larger ones we would see next. They gave off a vibrant air of fun innocence.

Then to the moon cove. A quadrant of about the same size but containing impressively large stones. As usually represented by the moon, this area Terry explains represents the feminine. “There is a great opening stone that is best to lean against first.” This grand stone was the largest of all, about 20 feet tall and I am told with about another 20 feet buried in the ground. I was drawn to place my back against the grand stone. I felt a warmth, like I was protected and loved. That is what most women feel. “Most men don’t feel a whole lot here.” Terry explained. It was powerful loving energy that could move you emotionally. Terry said many women entering the moon cove just can’t stop crying. I just wanted to love this big stone like is was a huggable mom.

In this feminine cove are several other large stones carefully placed. There is a stone with multiple faces, I immediately called the talking face. Terry explained this is where you leave the grief over the loss of a child or terminated pregnancy. After all, years ago, that was more prevalent when many children died so young and fertility was a major concern of the villagers.

Then onto the “Releasing Relationships” stone. This was a stone you could go to in order to release all your past relationships, all the men you have been hurt by. On hearing that all the women immediately flocked to that one and hugged it. I thought we might be there a while! Terry said when he does Hand Fastings (druid marriage ceremonies) he brings the woman here to release all past men. “Including her father and her Donny Osmond poster.” Similarly, there is a stone in the sun circle where Terry takes men to do the same of all women in their lives.

Now on to the next segment. But first we pass by the Great Beach Trees of Avebury which are now an intricate part of the circle walk. Famed for curing writers-block, apparently J.K.Rowlins sat here and the famous Tolkein came for inspiration. One could easily be inspired sitting amongst the massive web of exposed roots. Looking up through the dense canopy of leaves and into every crevice where surely fairies and elves were hiding. I thought I better sit here a while, nothing wrong with a little help, maybe this book will write itself.

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations

Of course the trees are much younger than the ancient stones. Maybe only a few hundred years. Terry says they may have been planted by the pilgrims. The pilgrims didn’t want these Pagan stones around. Beach trees are known for their impressive roots which can uproot even something as heavy as a big standing stone. The pilgrims would have had a hard time moving these massive stones even if they didn’t like them. So it is thought the pilgrims planted the trees on purpose to up root the stones. Still the trees and the stones seemed to be cohabitating quite nicely here.

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations More....

There was so much to take in. One wanted to sit and commune with each stone a while. I imagine they had a great deal to say if you took the time to meditate but walking briskly by was not going to do it. Perhaps a photo of one of the great stones could be a substitute to take home and meditate on. We decided to take our time and continue to the next quadrant another day.

We dropped The Druid back at his man cave; actually a quaint thatched roof cottage. Apparently upgraded and modernized in the 1300’s! I was impressed by the thick walls of plaster, full beams of oak and a carefully weaved thatched roof that had withstood years of British winters. The height was clearly for a day when people were a lot shorter. I felt like at 5’4” I might have even been a leggy model back then. This Druid clearly lived and worked the part, at one with the history of the land.

We returned the next day, starting at the East, just passed the Beach Trees. As we walked the perimeter we could look down over the Sun Circle. This is the quadrant of the formation that represents the male energy. At the outer perimeter is again a huge stone. This apparently is the feminine stone at the entrance to the male circle. I was told I needed to sit inside the nicely formed shelf, just right for a moment of contemplation. Strange, I was already headed right there instinctively before Terry said anything. Here I needed to ask the stone permission to enter. Of course a few tourists sac-religiously and innocently walked right by me. After I felt I had received a blessing from the great stone, I entered the male, Sun Circle.

I was about to sit on a very welcoming little stone when I was suddenly stopped by Terry, “Not unless you wanna get pregnant.” He warns. Apparently this is the stone were one comes to conceive. This superstition had been passed down through the ages and survived since pagan times. Even just a few hundred years ago the Villagers were very upset that the parish church decided to remove it. From the day it was removed the parish records show there was not one baby born in the village. None for two years! Finally the villagers begged to have the stone brought back. Finally they were allowed to have a small piece of the stone back in place. After this piece was brought back, the village girls apparently became fertile again.

This has become the stone where Druid Hand Fasting (marriage) ceremonies are done. The man on one side and the woman on the other, they would hold hands over the stone. Terry explained that he performs Hand Fasting ceremonies as an untraditional wedding. That it ties in ceremony two people either “for life”, “for as long as both shall love” (his favorite) or “for all eternity” (for the insane, in Terry’s opinion).

As we walked off to the next stone, I noticed a girl had chosen it as a resting place, her boyfriend standing nearby.

“Should we tell them, Terry?” I asked

“Naw, they’ll find out in nine months.” He giggled.

Within the Sun circle quadrant was another circle comprised of smaller stones, he called the Zodiac Circle. Here was a stone for each sign of the zodiac. We each choose our appropriate sign, mine Sagittarius and went to commune with our own. This was the circle Terry’s ceremony had been in the previous day. A perfect size for an intimate gathering of druids, goddesses and apprentices.

Now we were directed to the large male releasing stone. The counterpart to the one in the female quadrant where women left their past loves. In a Hand Fasting Terry would bring his grooms here to leave behind any other women still lingering in their energetic field. Here men could release their relationship issues and their old hurts in love.

Come on my tour to sacred France to see the stone circles at the time of the stone celebrations More....

Terry took my male client to one side and quietly had him touch this stone as a little private healing session. My client clearly felt the essence of this male clearing stone. He quickly welled up with tears as obvious issues came to the forefront. He was quite clearly moved as he embraced and thanked Terry for having shown him this.

The land still being in use today, sheep and goats were loose and wandering around the stones. I tried to corral a couple and talk to them about this ancient land but they clearly were not having any of it.

Now another stone in the Sun circle. “This one can tell you the sex of your baby.” Terry states as matter of fact. “A girl leans against the stone and if she feels nauseous it’s a boy. If she feels nothing but I take her to the stone in the moon circle and if she relates better to that, then it’s a girl.” I look at him in a little disbelief that it could be that cut and dry. “It’s worked 32 out of 33 times!” Terry states. Apparently, the 33rd one, the girl had a hangover and she couldn’t tell how she felt.

Then the next one in the Sun circle. “Look at this. What does this remind you of?” Terry asks. “Well, I’ll tell you, it’s a sex stone of course!” He states as the obvious. Then he whispers “It looks just like a woman’s virgina!” Okay, I suppose if you look at it in a certain angle. Of course this wasn’t in the guide book, this was Terry’s interpretation after years of working with them. “This is a fertility stone and a stone for men to understand women.” he said. Didn’t see any crowds of guys lined up at this one I’m afraid.

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