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Visiting John of God

About to take another trip to see John of God Feb 18- Mar 1. You can find details on my site

here's an article I wrote from my book Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys:Visiting John of God

I was already a medium and teaching Reiki when I heard about this miraculous healer, John of God. I thought he sounded interesting, but I didn’t think I needed to go. After all, he was famous for healing people of cancer, MS, and other horrible “incurable” conditions and thank goodness, I didn’t have any of those. You may have heard his name mentioned on Oprah. You may have heard Wayne Dyer talk about how John of God healed him of leukemia. What I found out is that, yes, he has great success with even the worst physical conditions, but the healing is so much deeper than that. Those healed of some terrible affliction say the even greater affect was that they received some sort of spiritual uplifting and enlightenment that changed their lives.Anyway, the spirits would guide me and I soon arrived in a small town in the middle of nowhere-ville, central Brazil at the home of the great healer John of God. Spiritual surgeries on people are part of the culture in Brazil. Still, John of God, born João Teixeira de Faria, stands out as one of the few revered exceptional miracle healers. Over 500 people a day go to his “Casa” to ask questions and receive an audience with the spirits incorporated into the body of “Medium João.” When I first arrived, I instantly noticed an energy far stronger than anything I had ever experienced. The spirits seemed to walk by my side and communicate with me easily. It became clear that this was some kind of Mecca for spirits who wished to dedicate their evolution to the healing of us mortals. There was not just the one special being, John of God, and a spirit “doctor” of the day; there were thousands of beautiful benevolent spirits all working in unison. I thought that I could write a book about the multitude of unusual and miraculous spiritual experiences I had at this beautiful healing center–and I did!! I’ll share with you one such miraculous moment from my book, Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God: “I had just been in front of John of God, asking this great spiritual leader for advice on a business issue. My mind was in business-mode, wrapped up in the fine details of the issue at hand. I was far from being in a spiritually enlightened, peaceful, meditative mode. I was led into a small room for a closing meditation where others sat in quiet contemplation.I was still in business mode. Yet, in the middle of this busy mind-chatter, something happened to me—something so surprising, so unexpected, so profound. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, as if struck by lightning, a tremendous feeling comes over me. It is an indescribable, amazingly loving feeling that is consuming my very being. It's like a powerful column of bright white light that literally comes down from the ceiling and through my crown at the top of my head. In fact, my whole world is lit up. I actually feel the energy rushing in and filling up my heart, filling my chest fully, and overflowing with the feeling of love. This is the only way I can describe it—just an intense feeling of love. I could compare it to being in love for the first time, but it was a hundred times stronger. So strong that I burst into tears of joy, tears that were gushing down my face. An overwhelmingly beautiful, emotional feeling, and so strong. I believe any stronger and my heart would have exploded.As I’m experiencing this beautiful feeling of love, I'm completely pinned back against my seat—awe-struck, like I am physically unable to move, held in a beam of white light. I am in fact, completely in awe, overwhelmed by the intensity of this emotion. I am crying tears of happiness, joy, and bliss that have overcome me. I am emotionally sobbing tears of absolute joy and appreciation.Then I hear a man’s voice, a deep, lovely, fatherly voice, beautiful and soothing. Now, in mediumship when I hear a message from spirit, it is more like a thought than an actual voice. This was not like a thought. This sounded like a person standing in the room next to me. This was an actual voice. This deep, comforting voice came over and said, “But what is your higher purpose?” The meaning that came to me with this statement was: “Why are you even caring about all these miniscule financial details? This is what you should strive for. This is where it’s at. This is the feeling when you are in alignment. This is the energy. This is what your higher purpose is. This is what should be your concern, your passion. Everything else is meaningless.”I had a sudden sense of knowing that when you are in this place of glory, of love, of Divine connection, that everything else just either falls into place or disappears. It's not that important anymore. When you are in this place of Divine connection, everything works perfectly. So, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, and it will be. To trust. What is most important is this connection. This is what it's about—this amazing, indescribable feeling! As I'm sitting here overwhelmed and completely pinned down, I stutter, “I want to share this with others. I want others to feel this feeling you are giving me.”The voice came back and said, “So be it.” I sat in awe, in perfect harmony as if the world had stopped; and, in this moment, my whole life before this and after this suddenly came together in one moment of knowing. What I experienced was beyond this world and beyond description. It was truly amazing. And I swear that voice was the voice of God. Never before had I heard or experienced that, and I really felt this was a direct connection with God.” When I returned and I shared my stories of John of God, people reported feeling the spirits working on them and some even experienced spontaneous healings. Had I truly been blessed to share this energy as I had asked? Then my book brought me even more surprises when people started to report receiving healings through reading it. Some even said they just placed the book under their pillow and felt beautiful angels working on them. Now I truly believe that when you are meant to be drawn to this beautiful energy, the spirits will guide you. Perhaps there is a reason you are reading this… I decided to lead trips to Brazil with people who wanted to experience this firsthand. However, it is a long way to go to Brazil and not everyone can take such a trek. I was thrilled when John of God agreed to come to Toronto in March 2013 and I would be a part of putting on a live event with him. He has done live appearances in Europe, but this will be his first time in Canada. For people on the East coast this is much more accessible than a visit to Brazil. But is the energy just as strong? Actually, one of the staff at the Casa said he thought that the energy at an event in Vienna was the strongest he had ever experienced. At a recent event in Switzerland, King Solomon incorporated as the spirit healer in the body of John of God and amazing healings were done that day. So yes, we are expecting amazing healing energy as not only John of God comes from Brazil, but also the spirits who incorporate through him. Perhaps as you are reading this, it is your time too…. Spiritually empowering yet refreshingly funny, Gail is able to carry her readers to places they would not normally venture. Available on Amazon and online at Barnes and Noble if you are interested in going on a trip to see John of God go here

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