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Write a Book, Private Mentor Course with Gail Thackray

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Write a Book, Private Mentor Course with Gail Thackray

Skyrocket your Brand 30 Days to Write, Publish & Market Your Book

30 Days - October 2020

Includes 8 Live Coaching Sessions in October

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Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to launch your career as coach or speaker, or do you have a company or product you want to start or promote? I never would have believed I could write and now I am the author of 20 best selling books. I have learned a ton along the way and so I have decided to offer this one time mentor program to just a few select people who are serious and committed.

I am looking for a very small select group of people who are serious about writing their story and launching or promoting their business. I am going to personally mentor you to write your book and use it to create your business or brand.

I have never offered personal coaching like this before. It will be an intensive course, so I need people who are really motivated to do this. You can really do this in 30 days but you will need to commit your time and energy.

8 mentor sessions in Oct 2020 with access to all recordings, plus a full video course, my book, be part of my private book mentor group continuing after the course and more. You will be able to talk to me live and work directly with me as well as send me questions.

Sessions will all be with me, Gail Thackray and I will be bringing in my web Master Sami Fugitt and you will get access to my entire team to help you design, layout and market your book.

Who is this for? – I will have both established authors and people who have never dreamt of writing a book but want to create the story and exposure to launch a business. So if you have started writing or have no experience at all, it doesn’t matter, I will be working at your level and customizing this for you, as well as coaching you with your business. If you are interesting in writing a book just to tell your story, that’s fine too.

During this mentor program I will share and guide you through;

How to write your book quickly and easily, avoiding the pitfalls most writers fall into

How to gear your book to launch your company or personal brand

How to market your book to give you the best exposure

A system that guarantees you’ll finish writing in 30 days

How to get instant credibility as an expert in your field

How to get mainstream press and TV appearances

Avoid time wasting traps most authors fall into

Combat writer’s block and learn to speed write

Make your book a hot selling, page turner

Avoid losing money in bad publishing deals

Marketing secrets no one else will share

A guaranteed way to becoming an instant Best Seller

How to market your book to explode your personal brand

I wish, I knew, what I know now - it would have saved me months, if not years, writing my books!

$798 includes everything

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