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Past Life Regression Pyramids

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I found just a few of these quartz crystal pyramids at John of God. They are carved from the blessed crystals and are blessed by the entities so they are very high energy. You can program your crystals for various uses.

I have programmed these for past lives and I find them really useful to use on yourself or others. Normally for a past life regression you would coach your client (or yourself) into a relaxed state and a light hypnosis, taking them deeply into their subconscious. I have found with these you can get a deeper quicker trans-state by simply holding the point over the third eye and counting backwards from 5 to 1. If you are using this on yourself, first hold the question (block or relationship) that you wish to inquire about and to discover if you have a past-life regarding this matter. Then laying down hold the pyramid over your third eye and count back from 5 to 1. Allow your mind to drift to another time and place. Start by looking down at your feet, up your body and then around your surroundings. It may feel like your imagination but often times you will find information that you could not have known. Spirit will bring you out of the trance when you are ready or you may fall asleep and dream. Hopefully this will give you insight on your situation. You are protected so relax and enjoy.

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