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Merkaba Pendant

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These Were Part Of A Ceremony We Did At My Ranch - Magical Tuesday It Was So Powerful Zarathustra Is So Magical!!

Powerful Blessed Merkaba On A Sterling Silver Chain!!

These Merkaba's Are Natural Stone & Color

Merkaba is a 3 d Star of David or multidimensional vogel, 8 pointed magical star that is a strong energy stone and powerhouse with a tremendous connection to the 5th dimension.

I cannot think of a more powerful design and combination of gemstones for storing and creating energy. They resonate with the 5th dimension and are charged by Zarathustra for third eye opening 5th dimensional healing and connection.

Wearing this pendant will help you to connect with the 5th dimension bringing clarity and purpose to your life as well aiding you to manifest your intentions. It also has protection through the double Vogel design so you will only be drawing energy from higher vibrational beings.

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