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Crystal Bed

John of God Crystal Bed From Brazil

I Am Blessed To Have One At Home And I Absolutely Love My John of God Crystal Bed & Use It All Of The Time!!

The Energy Is Amazing!!!

*Price includes taking your photo to John Of God in Brazil getting permission

& shipping costs as well*

If you would like to get permission first, please make the non refundable $300 deposit and we will get permission from the Casa for your bed. The $300 will be taken off the purchase price of your crystal bed.

The John of God crystal bed or crystal bath is similar to a light therapy treatment. You lay on a small bed or massage table ( not included ). The crystal bed is a unit with seven perfectly shaped John of God crystals above you and aligned to point toward each chakra. These are actually John of God blessed crystals of the finest clear quality and carved into points. Lights corresponding to the colors of the seven main chakras shine through the crystals and are set at a pulsing vibration. The energy travels through these beautiful crystals and into your chakras. It wouldn’t seem like you would experience much, however the experience is often amazing. Some people say they leave their body and float above, some say they have amazing visions and insights. You can take these crystal bed sessions at the Casa in Brazil, there are also a few authorized John of God crystal bed owners around the world.

And now with permission you can have your own crystal bed right at home!!

This Price includes taking your photo to John Of God, getting permission as well - purchasing the bed for you and shipping it to you all included for only $7111!!

If you are coming on a trip with me this is a great time to get one and take it home with you, however if you cant we can get permission for you and ship it to you from Brazil.

If You Have Any Questions Please Email Me At

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