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Casa Crystals - Assorted Sizes Available!

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Add a Crystal Clearing spray for only $10!!

Plus extra postage is Free on the Crystal Clearing spray

Crystal Clear – Most Crystals/stones require cleansing. Blessed pendants and crystals are of a high vibration and so most are self-clearing. Still it is nice to clear off once in a while, especially if you have been doing healing or in a large crowd. These sprays contain smudging sage, blessed water and other cleansing ingredients. Made from all natural organically grown herb and other spiritual ingredients.

Crystal Prices :

Small $35
Medium $50
Large $110
X Large $470
Crystal Clearing Spray $10

Blessed Casa Crystals

  • The Small size can be carried easily in your pocket or purse.
  • Approx size ¼” to ½” base ¾” to 1.5″ height
  • The Medium size is great to hold over your heart for self healing or to use on others for healing.
  • Approx size ¾” to 1.5” base 1” to 1.5” height
  • The Large size can be used as a personal crystal or placed in a room for continued energy in the room.
  • Approx size 1” to 1.5” base 2-3.5” height
  • The Extra Large size is great to place in your room for continued clearing and connection to the energy.
  • Approx size 2- 3inch base 2-4inch height

For larger crystals inquire by email to

Many years ago, Medium João was told by the spirits that he should go to Abadiânia to buy a piece of land to build a healing center. What he didn’t know at that time was why they chose Abadiânia. After João built the Casa de Dom Inácio, João discovered that the mountain it is situated on is a vortex of quartz crystals. João has mined some of the crystals that he carefully selects. These crystals are blessed by the Entities and are sold at the Casa shop. This is how they support the Casa. This allows this amazing spiritual energy to travel around the world. Quartz crystals are known to store positive energy so, as you can imagine, the John of God crystals from the Casa de Dom Inácio are extremely powerful.

Purchase A Blessed Crystal

Each crystal is individual with it’s own energy and property. Crystals may be sparking clear or smoky. They may have phantoms (shadows) and properties within them that give them a certain personality. They may be better for opening your intuition or cleansing your ailments or powering up your energy. Allow the spirits to pick a crystal which is perfect for you and your needs.

Please add the following information in the comments box: Your name, birth date and city ( or if for a present the recipient’s details if you know). Then a description of what you want the crystal for. Such as: “for my own healing, need physical strength”, or “For stronger intuition and to manifest prosperity” or “ To use on others in my Reiki healing”.

Using Crystals

You can use blessed crystals in anyway you would use other crystals. When using then for energy healing a good way to clear out the chakras is to run the point of your crystal anti clockwise around the chakra removing any negative energy and sending this to Mother Earth. Then afterwards run the point of your crystal clockwise to empower up that chakra.

To use the crystals for your own healing hold one crystal over your heart. Or if you have a pair the male over your heart and the female over your sacral chakra. Ask for a connection to the spirit world. Use your crystal as a connector and ask spirit to remove all negativity in your life and to empower your life with everything you desire.

Caring For Your Crystals

Clear off your crystals at least every 21 days. You can do this by placing them in a bowl of salt water or a bowl of salt overnight. Under a full moon is great. Or you can put them under running water. Just under the running faucet water if you cannot find a stream. If you use them for working on others always cleanse after each healing. If you make them your personal crystals do not show them to others. It is always best to have separate crystals for healing you.

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