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Bahia Blue


So sorry to tell you, I am almost all out of the Bahia Blue. I just have a few pieces left. After this we will not be able to get anymore. It has all been mined and we cannot get more. So if you love this stone like me, please hurry and get your precious piece of Bahia.

I just have a few pieces, if they say “out of stock” sorry they have gone.

The Bahia blue is one of my absolute favorite stones for communication. I have worn this for some of my best TV appearances. I wore it on my interview on Fox TV and for animal communication on Fox and Friends. It comes only from Bahia Brazil and there is no more left so it is very, very rare.

A light blue or turquoise stone resonates with the throat chakra. The is an amazing stone for communication. It helps your spiritual communication, particularly your clairaudience so that you can get clear messages from spirit. It also helps in spiritual channeling and automatic writing. This is also great in the physical world for better communication in your career and in your relationship. This is a great stone to wear for a speech, a difficult conversation with someone, asking your boss for a raise, or writing a book! It of course works on the physical throat chakra and has proven an amazing healer for issues of the throat, from a sore throat to a serious throat condition. It improves the function of the thyroid. It also aids with the mouth, teeth, gums and ears. If you have had difficulty speaking up or have had people who would not let you speak, this is a wonderful stone for healing your confidence and making your voice heard.

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