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                                                     Past Lives & Ancient Magic



Pyramids at Giza

$2395 6 days nr Cairo

March 8th  – 13th



Have you ever wondered if you have had a past life in Egypt?

I am very excited to be taking a small group to Egypt on a private tour to discover your past lives and to reconnect you to the Ancient Magic.



Do both trips for $4790 and save $1000!





Upgrade single room Luxor $400

Upgrade single room Giza $300



Two amazing tours in Egypt. These are not your typical tourist visits. We’ll be going with an emphasis on discovering your past lives in Egypt. We’ll be connecting you to your ancient past and bringing through your ancient Egyptian powers. I will be doing energy activation work and personal connections to this Ancient energy. We also have two local guides that know how to get us private time in the most sacred places. I hope to be able to get time in the pyramids alone and I am confident that we will be able to see and experience a lot more than a regular tour group would. I will be doing personal attunements on you to reconnect you to the ancient magic there. I will be doing your past life connections and clearings in the pyramids and the high power places. You may have wonderful past lives in Egypt and I hope to awaken that magic within you. Often though we have blocks and fears that are hidden in our past lives and we will be working on releasing anything that is holding you back from experiencing and using this wisdom today. I will also be connecting you to your Egyptian spirit guides so that you can continue to work with them at home. There is amazing energy in Egypt and people have even caught these powers and spirits on camera. Our emphasis will be to reconnect with these ancient energy channels and incorporate them into our lives. I am confident that the people who will be drawn to this trip will have a lot to gain from this experience.

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