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May 21-2019 

178 Page Book - 5 stars on Amazon


Half the book is about the energy of manifesting and how to program your subconscious to easily create abundance, success and all you desire.

The other half of the book is a 30 day program. You do this 10 minutes a day for 30days, guaranteed success. You don’t need to believe it just works!

In 30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance, author Gail Thackray reveals tools, affirmations, and daily exercises to program your subconscious to manifest abundance. The power is within you to create all that you desire. Learn how to harness this ability and use it to create positive, joyful, and abundant results. By following this 30-day program, you can reconnect to Source to create the life that you want. Start living your dreams, now. Gail presents the material in a straightforward, simple manner with the program designed such that anyone can easily follow it. Whether you believe or not it doesn't matter, it simply works

This is THE missing piece of the puzzle to receiving financial prosperity. I received a bizarre unexplainable check in the mail on DAY 2! A workbook to manifest abundance works with programming my subconscious to receive prosperity instead of focusing on ledgers, budgets, and other areas of traditional financial success roadmaps that left me unsuccessful after WANTING to follow it but never worked for longer periods of time. I'm 20 days in and already feelings of freedom, hope, and confidence in my divine right to receive boat loads of money is overwhelming my life and making me excited about money. I've never had these feelings about money before.


This book changes more than your thoughts about money. It helped to open me up to good things in all areas of my life. The exercises in this book are a great way to start the day and get you in a positive frame of mind. And when you raise your vibration to positive thoughts of gratitude, happiness and abundance, good things just come your way. I didn't stop the exercises after 30 days because I felt such a positive change and I wanted to continue to grow and remain positive. This is a book you can use over and over again when ever you need to change your life focus back to something positive! Cheryl


This is a phenomenal book! I looked forward to reading it everyday for 30 days. The energy and wording is truly magical and alive. The best part for me was that it's everything I wanted hear and more. Sometimes my eyes would get so big with such excitement and delight. This is what my soul already knows and my earthy mind is re-learning. Gail is an extraordinary teacher🌟


 I have used this book twice and the first time I got my dream job the second time within the first five days I got an unexpected check for 2,500.00 and ten days later I gir an unexpected check for 1.600.00. I have reached the goals I placed in this book the first time I used it, it is life changing!!  Amazon Reader

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