Date and Time : October 23rd, 2011 (11AM - 7PM)
Place : 14300 Little Tujunga Rd, Sylmar, CA, 91342
Price : $10 admission at the door or

by Oct 14th for 2 free tickets.

(Personal Readings extra).

· Free Lectures, workshops and live music.
· Over sixty healers and psychics for personal readings.
· Browse crystals, native crafts and spirituals gifts

12pm Aedan MacDonnell : Harp Meditations
2 pm Marilyn Kay - Healing with Young Living's Essential Oils
3 pm Chantal Benedict - Quantum Skeletal Alignment
4 pm Susan Baroni - Astrological Cycles 2011
5 pm Deb Reasbeck - Raising Your Vibrations
7 pm Harp concert
1 pm RAFFLE DRAWING - Main House
2 pm Lauran Sperber - Surrender to Your Truth
3 pm Shannon Leischner - Mediumship Demonstration
4 pm Hal Alpert - Hypnotherapy & Past Lives
5 pm Heather Green - Energywork, Meditation, Dreamwork
6 pm RAFFLE DRAWING - Main House
1 pm RAFFLE DRAWING - Main House
2 pm
3 pm James Wanless - 2011 Year of the New World Emperor
4 pm
5 pm
Kelvin DeWolfe - Your Spiritual Body
1 pm RAFFLE DRAWING - Main House
2 pm Gabriel - Energy Lab / Auras, Chakras, Intention & Intuition
3 pm Mary Beth Murphy - Angels & Divinity
4 pm
5 pm Diana Donaldson - Quantum Bio Feedback

6 pm RAFFLE DRAWING - Main House

Host - Gail Thackray

British born clairvoyant Gail Thackray was already a sought after Medium connecting to people on the other-side, when she discovered her additional talent as an animal communicator. Gail uses both of these abilities to help people and their pets and has received hundreds of glowing testimonials from pet owners, resolving health and behavior issues and locating lost pets. Gail now travels the world teaching others how to communicate and has appeared on TV and radio.

Gail teaches many of her workshops here as well as runs the Spirit Socials and organizes other speaker events. The Indian Springs Spiritual Day is set here at Indian Springs Ranch.

For more information call 818 890 6111

Aedan MacDonnell - Aedan is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP), Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner. She often combines healing and channeled information in her readings and energy work. An energy session with the harp is extremely relaxing (your own private concert of music channeled specifically for you). As she plays, she channels the healing energy of the angels, and she receives information from your guides, as well as the angels and ascended masters. Aedan’s gifts are shared with down-to-earth humor and great compassion. Her readings are very positive in nature, and she serves with the utmost integrity. Through her innate gifts she is able to help you identify the root cause of any given matter, and provide clear solutions and tools to help you create change.

Lecture: Harp Meditations Using of the vibrational energy of the harp, Aedan will take you on guided meditations to help you ground, relax, and meet your spirit guides and angels.


Phoenix Energy Healing

Christian Sinclair has been a part of the metaphysical and spiritual community for over twenty five years traveling the world learning and experiencing healing. This revolutionary technique combines some of the many modalities Christian knows including; DNA Theta, shamanism, high vibrational energy healing, psychic readings, and much more! This technique helps re-shape any aspect of your life through understanding, acknowledging and changing your emotions and beliefs by going directly to the root of the issue and removing it permanently. It is a simple, fast, effective technique which combines science and spirituality. With Christian’s natural intuitive guidance, visions, and deep understanding, she can help awaken your inner fire and move you toward your highest goals and potential.

Susan Baroni
Susan is not only a wonderful astrologer she is also very intuitive and uses a mixture of science and intuition to produce truly insightful astrological readings. Susan will be doing birth charts and readings. Come with you date and time of birth.


Lecture: Astrological Cycles 2011
Susan will be discussing major trends for 2011, including the best times to start or finish a project and the best time for love and money.


Dawn Christie - Celebrity Spiritualist

Dawn will be offering intuitive readings and helping anyone that may have questions on topics like:

E x p e r i e n c e   T h e  P o s s i b l e...

  • Desiring Love/soul mate?
  • Wanting a successful career?
  • Cure for poor health and restored appearance?
  • Desiring wealth?
  • Would you like a flow from The Universe?
  • Do you want to improve your life?
SPIRITUAL  READING:   310-228-0541 ,

Chantal Benedict
Chantal is a compassionate woman with true, natural gifts to heal
others. These gifts include an ability to help individuals realign their spine, hips and other areas related to bones. She uses no tools, her healing technique relies on the laws of quantum physics and subtle energy to literally change bone structure. Chantal’s healing modality is called Quantum Skeletal Alignment and she has performed her procedures on hundreds of individuals who have experienced their bodies shift in as few as 4 sessions. Words clients use to describe her healing include; miraculous, amazing, unbelievable, and transformative.

Lecture: Quantum Skeletal Alignment
Chantal Benedict specializes in correcting skeletal conditions such as scoliosis, herniated and dislocated disks, and misaligned hip, neck and cranial bones. She will share how she communicates with your body at the quantum level to effortlessly realign itself for optimal health by using precise and gentle touch. Chantal will present some powerful tools from her workshop, Body Realization. To help you communicate with your body and restore yourself to wellness.


Hyorim is a certified Cellular Expansion and Healing practitioner in Los Angeles, with a background in music and costume design.
Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) is a cutting-edge energy medicine pioneered by Deb Schnitta of Vanati, that supports healing and change at the building block level of illness -  the cells - and opens you to your deepest spiritual connection. CE is a form of hands-on energy healing modality that bypasses the mind and heals at the cellular level.  Directly extended to the source of imbalance in the cell, the energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing can provide nourishment, balance and healing where needed.
Please visit Vanati Center for Energy Medicine website at for more information about CE!

Hyorim also sells handmade jewelry and naturally dyed silk scarves~ Please visit Hyorim's website -

  Natalie Amanda Rich
Natalie has been a student of Astrology and Tarot for 10 years.  She strives to utilize her Clairsentience to help people to connect with themselves on their ever-unfolding path.  She will be offering Tarot, Angel, Energy and Astrological readings (please bring your natal chart).  She further strives to help people elevate the relationships in their lives to their full potential.  She additionally makes custom jewelry, paintings and meditation pieces aimed at helping people connect with any aspect of their soul that they so desire.

Hal Alpert
Hal Alpert has been practicing hypnotherapy for the past 16 years. A graduate of Hypnosis Motivation. Hal also has a degree in psychology , and is an NLP practitioner. His mission is to provide a safe, secure, and confidential place where you can be helped to rid yourself of the various problems that are troubling you. Hal has been practicing hypnotherapy for many years, and have been 100% successful with clients who truly wish to improve their lives. We can help you too. The first step is yours.

Lecture: Hypnotherapy & Past Lives
Hal is a certified Hypnotherapist and uses his skills to aid people in removing blocks,
phobias and fear and to connect to their highest potential. Hal will do a group hypnosis session that will go into your past lives.


LBS Readings by Lauran:

Love, Believe Surrender...  Lauran knows that she is a vessel and allows herself to be used as such to provide people with information they are "meant to know".  The angels, guides and 'energy" of her clients speak through Lauran directly to them with insights, confirmations and affirming that they are on the right path towards their highest and greatest good... or not.  This is honest, sometimes brutal disclosure from the highest source directly to you... no soft sell, this is the real deal and it comes from a loving and giving place.  If you sit with lLauran you are definitely ready to hear what will be told to you.  You will leave enlightened, empowered and energized.

LBSR Gems and Stones:  Each stone is hand picked by Lauran and infused with powerful love and positive energy.  You will KNOW  the right stone when you see it and touch it... it will speak to you.  Scott does one-of-a-kind wire wrapping on some beasutiful and powerful points and small druzys, of all kinds of stones.  From large pieces, obelisks, spheres, skulls, to healing wands to specimens of different kids, we have them all.  The stones, pendants and pendulums are priced to sell and will enhance your life experience


Lecture "Surrender to your Truth". We all have things we want to do, dream of doing, plan on doing.. but when we surrender to what we are meant to do we find ourselves on a sacred path.

Nilda Astrid

Nilda is a experiencer of extraordinary happenings. Beginning from a
childhood car accident where a “light being” saved her and her family.
Shortly after the accident, she began her journey to communicate with
other inter-dimensional beings. As an intuitive, Nilda gives in depth messages
while tapping into her higher self and the infinite consciousness.
Additionally, she specializes in past life readings and regressions. Her purpose
is to help other people know who they are and follow their path in life.


Shannnon Leischner 
Shannon has had an extraordinary life dealing with the paranormal. She has interacted with the spiritual realm all of her life and has given psychic readings for over 20 years. Along with her empathic abilities she helps other people find their life path and a deeper relationship to the higher source. Shannon provides her services with caring, insight and discretion. Recently, Shannon was featured in Psychic 4 U Psychic News, Views, and Interviews (an online magazine). She has been a guest psychic on “Let Us Connect”, Queen Mary, Paranormal Radio, Country Music Awards Gala, Media Madness Event, and will soon make her debut on several HBO programs.

Lecture Description
Mediumship Demonstration: You are invited to join a fun-filled event. Using her extraordinary abilities, Shannon Leischner, a psychic medium, will help attendees connect with their loved ones who have crossed over. Every demonstration is unique and you never know who will show up and what will be said. So come on over and join the fun.


Jerry Yusko

Born with empathic abilities, Jerry uses his feelings to guide him on the treatment of each Individual. From early childhood Jerry has had special experiences with both the angelic and extraterrestrial beings.  Jerry utilizes the lessons he has learned from his extraordinary experiences to teach other people their gifts and true value. As an intuitive medical, he uses his knowledge to help people with the mending of their physical ailments. He reads the energy of people and delivers pertinent information about their present moment. Jerry has dedicated his life to teaching people about the existence other life forms  

Nancy Gonzalez
My name is Nancy Gonzalez and I am a Reiki Master But more importantly, I am an animal lover who has always enjoyed the company of our furry friends – especially dogs (I currently own three). I believe that the strongest healing force in the universe is Love. Reiki is Love..... with this glorious energy I offer you my Healing Heart – H.H.A.R.T. HEALING BENEFITS FOR PETS & PEOPLE. It is a natural therapy that affects the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Works with the person’s or pet’s own resources to achieve balance. Helps with pain relief. Can be calming and stimulating, with an improved sense of well being Helps other therapies to work more effectively True healing is simply the result of love moving through your life. I also offer pet sitting. website : Link, H.H.A.R.T. 909 938-7578
Nick Edwards
Nick Edwards is the creator and inventor of the world's finest, most powerful and most beautiful Pyramid Products for modern living since 1975. His renown Pyramid Sleep Systems allow users to benefit from the healing and rejuvenation effects of the Cheops Pyramid Shape while they sleep. NIck's incredible research and knowledge of the ancient Pyramids has led him to be invited on major national Television talk shows, Motion Pictures,TV specials, University lectures and numerous magazine and newspaper articles over the last 35 years. Nick's latest achievement ~ the ARKATRON ~ is an exact re-creation of the "Ark of the Covenant of Moses" !!! The Ark of Moses was the most powerful device of the Ancient World... and his new Arkatron has unlimited powers !!!
Nick is also the inventor of the first marriage of the Cheops Pyramid Shape Transmitter to a Tesla Coil ~ the 1,000,000 volt "Pyramid Charger". See all this and more at Nick's email ~ Nick's phone # 818-679-0142 Nick will be demonstrating these WONDER devices Mar 7th at Gail's Psychic Faire



The Mystikal & Magikal Ruby River -    Healing Tools for Your Sacred Journey
A Brown Harrison Company

We have been providing quality products at the best possible prices through the mail and at Festivals for over 10 years.
We specialize in Traditional Incense, (resins, powders, herbs) stick incense, burners, and cauldrons. We offer a variety of Perfume Oils and diffusers, and we only sell Palm Wax candles. For cleansing and purifying we carry White Sage bundles, Sweetgrass braids and White Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar Sprays and Colorful Smudging Feathers.
  We have tools for working with Chakra energy, Meditation and Ritual items, Tapestries, and Feng Shui items (hangers and bells).
We offer a complete line of Himalayan Salt products.  Salt lamp votive holders, electric salt lamp oil diffusers, salt cubes for a Sole (so-lay) bath, for detoxifying the body. Ceramic salt grinders and refill bags of crystal salt for use in cooking.
Order on-line at or call us at 714-991-4287.

Emily Van Horn RPP., CU.,
Emily has been a practitioner of the healing arts for almost 20 year.  She has a background in Polarity Therapy, CranioSacral Unwinding, Matrix Energetics and Clairvoyant healing.  Her current modality of practice is Somatic Trauma Resolution Therapy.  The focus of her practice is assisting individuals in healing from all types of trauma, both shock trauma and developmental trauma. Check out:

Offering:  Emily has recently added some energetic wellness tools to her practice and will demonstrate the Amega wand and how Zero Point Field energy reminds the body to self heal, release pain, become stronger, more flexible and more balanced and return to homeostasis


Kassie's Natural Essence - Aimee Barnhurst
I have teamed up with spirit & Mother Earth to bring wonderfully inspired loving creations to my customers. I believe our true nature and the nature of the earth holds all we need and it is from this place I live my life and create from.
I have spent many years reading, researching and experimenting with wonderful oils, butters, herbs, flowers and essential oils to create extraordinary products that are made with Spirit and Love.

Debbie Reasbeck - Aura Photography

Debbie will be offering Aura photo/Chakra Photo with a printed report which is a very detailed reading.
Debbie will also be doing Chakra Energy Clearings

Debbie Reasbeck is a Professional Healer, Psychic, Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Angel Therapy Practitioner. She is a teacher and founder of Crystal Dreams Healing Center & est. 2001. She has specialized in Spiritual Counseling, Angel, Heart, Distance, and Crystal Healing for 20 + years, transforming thousands of lives.

Lecture: "Raising Your Vibrations"

In the lecture, Debbie will take you through several guided meditations, to help you bring in more energy, raise your vibrations & clear your energy centers/chakras. Come learn more about what affects your chakras and what you can do to keep them as clear as possible. Leave with some tools to help you to connect with your higher power, feel centered, balanced & grounded every day. Remove your energetic clutter & replace it with love and joy.

e-mail :

Spiritworks 11 - by Karen Klaskin

Karen Klaskin, is a Certified Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Spiritual Healer and Intuitive Tarot Card Reader.
At the event today I will be concentrating on spiritual healing and reading  tarot cards readings . I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field.  My readings are extremely accurate in helping you to get to the root of the matter and then taking the next step towards a solution to your question.
 I will also be selling crystal gem stone bracelets to help you continue  on your spiritual quest!


Lisa M - Reiki Healing

Reiki Master Lisa M. will be offering Reiki Healing sessions using Intuitive guidance, sound and crystals. She is also a master voice teacher & performer, incorporating Reiki in the voice studio to remove energy blockages, allowing for a more vibrant tone.  


Crystalwear Clothing

CRYSTALWEAR CLOTHING was designed with divine guidance for the higher purpose of helping people balance their chakras or energy centers of the body.  “I view the clothing as a healing tool rather than a fashion statement.  Originally I thought that the clothing would be best for meditating or sleeping as a daily chakra balancing ritual.  Now I am finding that many people have chosen to use the clothing whenever they feel the need to raise their vibrational frequencies doing a variety of activities.”  Shannon Bonfanti – Designer and Reiki Master. 
The clothing is appropriate for doing yoga, playing tennis, working, practicing Reiki, just relaxing or whenever you like.

CRYSTALWEAR CLOTHING uses hidden pockets inside to hold various types of crystals over the chakras of the body.  Crystals are known to resonate at a high vibrational frequency and will promote a balancing effect for the chakras over which they are placed.  Also the crystals that come with the clothing are attuned to the light of Reiki.

Marybeth Murphy – Angelic Healer & Communicator
Cell # 323-304-5454

Marybeth’s Angelic readings can assist you on understanding why you are where you are and give you clear guidance on how to make positive, healing changes in your life that can bring you true joy, fulfillment and peace.

Lecture : Angels and Energy – Understanding the Connection This lecture will focus on our energetic connection with the Angels, how they are present in our everyday lives and are immediately available to us through the power of thought.

Martine Lewin
A Private Reading with Martine Kaplan-Lewin, British psychic, medium, healer California psychic Martine has been offering a unique type of reading for many years. Martine uses a combination of skills in performing readings including clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and Clair cognizance (clear knowing). She can communicate with loved ones who have passed over and will give you messages. In a past life reading she is able to see who or what you were in past. She profoundly believes that an individual's current personality traits, habits, relationships, life patterns and obstacles are deeply rooted in their .

Lily Sheen: Spirit Wolf Healing.
Lily is a Soul Whisperer, Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher and Magical Awakening Practitioner who works within the heart of the soul awakening the truth of the spirit. With her guide, Spirit Wolf and guidance from your own angels and guides, you will receive powerful and transformative healing, clarity, focus, guidance, insight, inspiration, empowerment, and tools to help you on your life path.


James Wanless, PH.D

Voyager Tarot

JAMES WANLESS, PH.D., is a former political science professor and creator of the best-selling Voyager Tarot (250,000 sold since 1985) and author of Intuition@Work and Way of The Great Oracle.
A master tarot reader, popular motivational speaker and seminar leader for over 30 years, Wanless travels the world teaching the 21st century skills of life-navigation, creativity, personal sustainability, intuition and leadership.
You can view his work on websites,

Explore through Voyager Tarot the Emperor archetype as a 21st century "new male."  Experience how to "read the cards" and discover your masculine yang energy for how to organize and build the future of your work and money, your leadership skills, and the legacy you can leave for contributing to the ongoing evolution of the world.  Take home your free 2011 Card For The Year.

Young Living's Essential Oils by Marilyn Kay

  Marilyn has been teaching others to use therapeutic-grade essential oils for health and wellness for the past 3 years.  She discovered therapeutic-grade oils while struggling with a digestive disorder and used the oils to help bring her body back into balance.  She has spent time with Young Living’s research scientists to learn about the chemistry of the oils and how they can help with everything from minor discomfort such as headaches, nausea, heartburn, and everyday aches and pains to more serious health concerns affecting the circulatory, respiratory, and endocrine systems.  She teaches a variety of classes in the Southern California area, explaining how we can heal ourselves without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and their myriad of side effects. Class topics are varied and include the foundational class “Essential Beginnings” as well as “Building Blocks to a Healthy Immune System,” “First Aid with Essential Oils,” “How to Detox Your Body & Home,” “Hormones and Anti-Aging,” and many more.  New classes are constantly being added to the schedule. 

Marilyn says, “It’s vitally important to understand that most of the essential oils you find available in stores are perfume grade oils and are not therapeutic-grade.  They are generally inferior oils, such as Grade B or C oils, and are likely adulterated with alcohol or other extenders. People don’t know this, and I caution everyone not to use anything except therapeutic-grade oils for healing. My mission is to teach people that they have a choice when it comes to their health and wellness.”

Lecture - The Missing Link in Modern Medicine Come and learn why therapeutic-grade essential oils are natural anti- oxidants, mood elevating, antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic. 

Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils can help alleviate minor discomfort such as headaches, nausea, heartburn, and everyday aches and pains to more serious health concerns affecting the circulatory, respiratory, and endocrine systems. We will discuss what makes an essential oil therapeutic-grade, explain some of the chemistry of therapeutic-grade essential oils and how their varying frequencies can help balance the body and mind.  You will also have an opportunity to experience some of these oils

Contact Info:
Marilyn Kay:     (310) 987-1051

Young Living's Essential Oils : Kristina Simpson

Kristina is a radiation therapist by profession and works with cancer patients. She also has a degree in Biology.  Being quite familiar with the medical and pharmaceutical industry, she feels disappointed with the devastating toxic side effects of the drugs, as well as the fact that so many doctors are treating their profession as a business. Kristina is at a point in her life where she’s turning to more natural, alternative ways, such as the healing power of essential oils to address her health concerns.  She is also eager to share her vision for health & wellness, and the wealth of nature’s medicine with others.  Kristina has been teaching classes along with Marilyn for the last year.

Kristina says, “There are such vast resources available that could help improve our health and well-being. I have experienced that a doctor’s advice may not always have our best interests in mind, therefore, it is our duty to educate ourselves on all kinds of treatments available including the natural, organic remedies to address our everyday health concerns. Things that heal and nourish our body and our soul instead of harming it."

Contact Info: Kristina Simpson                (912) 222-6182

Vara is an Indigo child who has never forgotten why she is here. She communicates primarily with Archangels, the Goddess, the stone people, and plants. Her goal is to remind each of us of the maginificence we each carry within.

Lecture Topic: Initiating a Deeper Connection with Stones - Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring at least one stone with them in order to fully participate in the workshop. I will offer techniques to help you connect more deeply with the energy of stones to heal youself and others. Bring with you any stones you have questions about and Vara will help you communicate with them.

Mark Hunter - HASTAKALA

My business name means "hand-made" in the Nepalese language. I personally select jewelry, ritual objects, paintings, paper and textiles in my travels - to Nepal, India, Tibet, and other Asian countries, with a few items from Peru and Ecuador. Proceeds support micro-loans through and several charities serving children in Nepal. e-mail

Beatrice Cederstrom
Beatrice is a distributor of Energetix, Magnetic Therapy Jewelry. Stainless steel unique designed jewelry for adults, children and pets. Testimonials and studies from users throughout the world point to a positive impact in many areas of pain and discomfort; including arthritis, migraine, back & neck pain, tennis elbow, stress, insomnia, fibromyalgia, poor circulation, fatigue/lack of energy, nervous disorders, depression, period pains and more... The magnets used are neodymium magnets, with north polarity and with a strength of 1200 to 2100 gauss.

The entire collection is nickel allergy free. 310-701 0377.

Laura M Gems

Artist, Designer and Crystal Resonance therapist creates

Distinctive Handcrafted Gemstone Adornments.

Laura's knowledge of gemstones combined with her artistry creates adornments of distinction and beauty. The construction of her designs are infused with the intentions of love, peace, prosperity, harmony, alchemy, and wellness throughout.  All of which Mother Earth and the Creator intended. Many who wear her gems express an upliftment and a sense of well-being while adorning her creations. She is a gifted artist who pays homage to Mother Earth with her divinely created jewelry, and her activism to heal the planet.

Lectures: The Importance of Gemstones In our Time of Transformation

Laura will be speaking about the importance of gemstones in our times of transformation, and how their usage effects our vibrational energy.
She will have gemstones for sale and due demonstrations with them as well

For more info please view the website:

Harry Perdew Phd.
Harry Perdew Ph.D is the author of the best selling book "It’s More Than Words - Reading People from the Outside In!". Harry will teach you how you can read a person from their facial features and know their personality and their future. See what your facial features mean about you. Come for a face reading at the show.

Lecture: Reading Faces
Learn to read friends and colleges, Harry will teach you how you can read a person from their facial features and know their personality and their future.

Joyce Gerber
Ms. Gerber is a holistic health practitioner, educator, and consultant. She is certified as a nutritional consultant, a colon hydrotherapist, a herbologist, and an iridologist. She is a licensed massage therapist, trained in Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology, and deep tissue work. Her intention is to give people alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. She has been in private practice since 1982. 310 – 980 – 7665

Lecture : Detoxification and Nutritional Cleansing: The Keys To Vibrant Health - This will be a seminar about healing the body naturally, focusing on the importance of detoxification and nutrition in reversing dis-ease conditions. We will talk about the therapeutic value of superfoods, freshly squeezed vegetable juices and green juices, living foods and whole foods, nutritional supplementation, herbs, juice fasting, colon hydrotherapy, different forms of bodywork such as Swedish massage, shiatsu, reflexology, and deep tissue work, exercise, saunas, and other natural modalities, in creating and maintaining optimal wellness.

Scott Hornsby

Scott Hornsby, Certified Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Masters in Nutrition and Wellness Coach. Iridology is the study of the Iris, the first organ formed outside the brain, with 9 million nerve endings giving a "picture" of what is going on inside the body. It is a 2,000 year old ancient science from China. Just like Reflexology of the hands and feet, the eyes are considered the "windows to the soul". Scott utilizes a "Divine" muscle test to ask about the lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, nervous, intestinal, endocrine and structural systems. Parasites may need to be killed, pH balanced, blood sugar levels normalized, anywhere there is an issue, we can build health and bring harmony back into the system. Scott only uses Nature's Sunshine herbals in his 20 year practice since they use 300 tests or procedures on all raw materials to provide a pharmaceutical grade product. He accepts all credit cards, checks or cash.

Michael Schumacher
Michael is an energy healer who uses intuitive, past life, aura readings and Reiki to guide you in identifying and releasing the energy that's preventing you from fully accessing your personal power. By clearing blockages and harmonizing energy flow, you will come to a greater awareness of your true nature and potential.


Victoria Kooyenga - website :
Emotion Potions by Victoria; Flower Essences, also known as "Liquid Consciousness", are a unique form of self-help therapy. Victoria has created a line of Signature Blends designed to encapsulate the themes of everyday life. They are subtle yet powerful and amazingly transformative! e-mail :


Denice Grant
Denice is a Reiki practitioner attuned to both Usui and Tibetan Reiki energies which is a sacred hands-on healing practice. Denice will be giving mini and full Reiki sessions for healing physical ailments as well as emotional and past life issues. Denice is also able to send distant Reiki, so you can have Denice send healing or protection to a loved one.


Claire Westerway
Claire is a British born esthetician who, working for over 25 years in the industry and currently working at a prominent spa in Los Angeles. Claire has been an intuitive since she was a little girl but it wasn’t until much later in life when she took up Tarot that she really developed her skills. Treat yourself to a mini facial and Claire will read your Tarot cards whilst you relax.

Bob Smith
Bob Smith is a sought after intuitive reader and psychic who's reading technique includes a combination of Tarot and psychic mediumship. Bob's clients have included celebrities and corporate management, as well as people from all walks of life. Bob has an endearing style that makes his clients feel very comfortable. He is a professional speaker, life coach and has a Master's degree in Theology.
Dr. Edward Noble D.C.
Dr. Noble is the inventor of the famous THUMPER line of massagers.  He has been making powerful, therapeutic massagers for Health Professionals for over 36 yrs.  His massagers are used by over 100,000 practitioners worldwide.  New for 2011, he has 4 new deep tissue massagers for both Professional and Home Use.  Drop by for a powerful treatment, no charge.

Professional Strength Massagers
For Clinic, Spa, Athletics & Home

tel: 888-810-2338 x108  fax: 888-810-2338

Suzanne Grace
Suzanne has a strong connection with the Angels. She is a Theta healer and has a llot of experience working with Indigo children and their parents.

Lecture: Understanding Indigo Children
Parents better understand your Indigo child. Why are these children coming to the planet at this time and how can you help them adjust to this physical world. Get the answers you want on some of the most troubling youth issues..

Mary Jo Kuehne of SQ Wellness

SQ Wellness assists people in transforming spiritually, personally, and professionally, bringing more self-awareness into their lives through powerful healing systems, workshops, and ancient teachings. Come experience high vibrational healing through sacred symbols! - Transforming Lives through Practical Spirituality.
Lecture: More Truth Will Set You Free - Ready to let go of what no longer serves you? Join us for this transformational healing “playshop”. You’ll be supported by a nurturing vortex while guided on a personal healing journey.

Diana Donaldson
Diana Donaldson RScP, QBS Everything has a frequency! The SCIO is a Quantum Biofeedback device that reads and works with your body’s own frequencies! Feel out of balance? Stressed? This amazing device helps ‘defrag’ Stress & much more! Within nano-seconds the SCIO scans your entire physical and emotional body reading over 10,000 possible stressors and imbalances It is designed to balance out the stressors in your body; i.e. where you are energetically blocked say from environmental toxins or energy vampires, work & family stress. The SCIO easily identifies stress and then helps to stimulate the body’s own Anti-Aging factors. This helps to create better over-all Health and Well-Being! Mini energy tune-up during the event! 30 min. demos all day long! - (818) 995-1179
Lecture: Quantum Bio Feedback - Hope SCIO – Original Quantum Biofeedback Technology Lecture !!! Helping you de-stress! Are you holding onto old trauma? Let’s address the “Issues in the Tissues” and stimulate your personal vibrancy & well-being! Learn what’s toxic to your system. And move yourself into greater fields of energy and vitality immediately.

Kelvin Dewolfe
"Inside your physical body lays another, less substantially body, a body that has been asleep your whole life. Learn how to awaken it and transmute it into a higher light body. Learn what Chakras really are and how to untie them. This is the how behind the what everyone talks about. The part that is missing in taichi and qigong. Go beyond thinking, imagining and pretending into doing and being." Kelvin holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine, is a Licensed Acupuncturist and teaches Martial Arts and Chi Kung.

Reginah F. Perlmutter LCSW
Licensed Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Psychic, Healer, Shaman, Feng Shui Master, Animal Communicator, Tantra Instructor, Theta Healing Practitioner, Reference Point Therapy Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, and Hand Writing analyst. Reginah F. Perlmutter LCSW will be available to give psychic readings for $50.00 per half hour or $25.00 for 15 minutes. I will also be available to give healings as well.

Lecture: Theta healing - abundance issues. Theta is one of the most powerful and effective healing systems on the planet today and has brought about truly miraculous healings in scores of people in an often astonishingly rapid and instant fashion. This system is relatively new and consists of the healer going into a deep meditative or theta level state of consciousness. The healer then merges his consciousness with that of Creator or Source of All That Is. The healer then directs this energy to heal the client by removing mental, emotional or physical blockages, phobias, negative beliefs, traumas, or thoughts. This system is so powerful because it addresses all levels of any specific issue, life pattern, or disease

I will also be selling jewelry fit for the Goddess plus sage and Angel Mist.

Mary Grevelle Kennedy, Ph.D.
Creating space to explore joyous transformation using alchemical crystal singing bowls and gemstones. Enjoy personal sessions using gemstone therapy, crystal singing bowls; or wear my healing gemstone necklaces. I invite you to embark on an inner journey to discover your expanded potentials of health and wholeness. web site :

Cedar Martyn Caissie
As seen on TV! -The deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet known as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is available by Cedar Martyn (Founder and practitioner of Crystalline Healing massage). This unique deep pressure work is performed with soothing strokes that are applied to the body using HAND and FOOT pressure to milk the muscles, release toxins, and relieve tight muscles. ABOT therapist use soft, clean feet while holding two parallel bars for balance and support. Cedar Martyn specialized in bio-energetic services specifically designed to optimize the global energy acceleration with advanced cutting edge holistic treatments. Cedar incorporates a multi-dimensional approach toward massage therapy by infusing Divine healing light (life force) into her crystalline hands to lift denseness and emotional pain out of the body, mind and a spirit.

What distinguishes the healing work offered by Cedar is the fusion of energy healing and massage therapy using her Crystalline Healing hands to magnify Divine Photon Light thus helping assist those transform into physical light bodies. This unique healing work helps adjust and ground the body into the magnetic field of union. Cedar's services include Crystalline massage, Aroma Therapy and Holistic Detox Spa Packages offered at Crystalline Healing Center in West Los Angeles, CA. website for more information!

Zan Ferris
Zan Ferris began studying tarot while living in the Bay Area in the early 1980's and has been studying tarot since that time. She offers a variety of decks to choose from and favors a 15-card reading for the observation of elemental pattern. Her booth will be a tarot reading venue and several chakra aromatherapy oils will be sold as well.
Lecture: Introduction To Tarot
Zan will give an introductory course in Tarot.
Eloisa Armida

Hi I’m Elsie and I will be doing readings ..I'm Mexican and native American...I'm city born but I have been very fortunate to have learned some old ways from some reservation elders plus I channel...My readings are a combo of angels and spirits...I joke with my friends I'm a city I use tarot cards, 3 different decks depends on the person before me how I do the reading...Elsie

Workshop: "Rock Fetish" -Limited - So must sign up - 10 people-rock fetish workshop ...we meditate then we make one. A fetish is a rock that contains a spirit of an the old days the ancient ones use to locate prey or to honor prey.


Tamara Brown of Opal Moon Henna

Tamara Brown is a professional Henna Artist with 12 years of experience, based in Van Nuys. Always a gifted artist, she became transfixed when she found henna. What an opportunity to heal and empower others with symbolic art! She now specializes in doing intentional Body Art, using symbols and incorporating them into a design that lasts for a week or more. She uses only natural henna infused with Essential Oils and Reiki energy. We’ll also have beautiful hennaed gifts ::lamps, candle holders, jewelry and more:: for order and purchase.

Find us on the web:
Contact us for your party or event: 818.660.OPAL(6725) /


Shari Mosqueira
Shari is a talented psychic and intuitive reader. She will be offering readings.


Gabriel is a Reiki master healer, intuitive, and medium who has provided professional psychic services for over twelve years, and is co-Founder of Modern Mystics LLC & the Mystic Institute. Gabriel's intuitive consultations are entertaining as well as empowering. Gabriel incorporates clairvoyance, tarot, channeling and mediumship into his dynamic, transpersonal consultations.

Lecture: Energy Lab
Gabriel's Energy Lab is an opportunity discover your own innate abilities to perceive and influence energy in and around our bodies and our environment. In this brief, experiential session we will experiment with auras, chakras, intention and intuition.

website: /
Contact: 626-818-8414 /

Rose Strzelczyk

Rose Strzelczyk, Esthetician & Massage Therapist is introducing her new product "Silk Abrasion Skin Resurfacing Mitts". All natural made of 100% floss silk this is a totally green product. You will see & feel immediate results leaving your skin with a radiant healthy glow! e-mail :

NNN Design Jewelry Designs by Narine Isajanyan
Narine has a master's in architecture, practices fine art and is working on an acceptance for class instruction. Her work can be described as an ecclectic yet harmonious combination of precious stones, vibrant and colorful yet natural. Each piece is a unique creation of natural stones and authentic design. If you would like more information about her work or to contact her directly, her email is:


MoJo's Good 2Go

MoJo's Good 2Go

MoJo's Good 2Go has been in the catering and food service industry for over 25 yrs. Their main goal is to introduce the industry to youth, from prepping to serving.  There are is a large number of adults that do not cook or know how to prepare nutritious meals.  By teaching the children about healthy food, how to prepare and present it they are more apt to do it at home and it helps the household as well as themselves. We are dedicated to teaching, learning and experimenting with various foods.  There are no specialties, as all cuisines are researched, tested and perfected.  Foods range from vegan to meat eaters, snacks to desserts and traditional to healthy and cost efficient.  Food makes people happy, and good healthy food makes them even happier.  All food is infused and prepared with love, peace, harmony, balance, prosperity and a good vibrations.

Call us at 310-507-4012 or 424-246-6564 or Email us at

Baked Goods

Many Paths World Service, Inc.
Non Profit, Community Programs - Meditation on the Move, Peace Gardens, Many Paths Library, Prosperity House & The ONE Center Mark Jacobs, RScP, Executive Director
(818) 754-1718 ,


Operation Blankets Of Love
Bring a blanket donation to the fair to help give comfort to recued animals. Within the heart of every stray Lies the singular desire to be loved.
Eileen Smulson Founder and President Phone- 818-402-6586